The guide to all the minecraft heads!

Hey guys, today i want to show you something that spices up all my Minecraft worlds! Custom heads!

While most of you already do collections of heads if possible, most oversee all the other possibilities, especially with decorating your worlds in more or less unique ways.

Custom player Heads

At first you can easily make heads out of any playername you know. Even easier when using my generator.

A basic example would be:

/give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"kingseta"}

But this is not remotely all that is possible.

Build-in Minecraft Heads (Marks Head Format)

Minecraft itself already comes with custom heads, called MHF heads (Marks Head Format). Here is a list of heads you can use with the above command:

  • MHF_Alex
  • MHF_Blaze
  • MHF_CaveSpider
  • MHF_Chicken
  • MHF_Cow
  • MHF_Creeper
  • MHF_Enderman
  • MHF_Ghast
  • MHF_Golem
  • MHF_Herobrine
  • MHF_LavaSlime
  • MHF_Ocelot
  • MHF_Pig
  • MHF_PigZombie
  • MHF_Sheep
  • MHF_MushroomCow
  • MHF_Skeleton
  • MHF_Slime
  • MHF_Spider
  • MHF_Squid
  • MHF_Steve
  • MHF_Villager
  • MHF_WSkeleton
  • MHF_Zombie

  • MHF_Cake
  • MHF_Chest
  • MHF_CoconutB
  • MHF_Cactus
  • MHF_CoconutG
  • MHF_Melon
  • MHF_OakLog
  • MHF_Present1
  • MHF_Present2
  • MHF_Pumpkin
  • MHF_TNT2

  • MHF_ArrowUp
  • MHF_ArrowDown
  • MHF_ArrowLeft
  • MHF_ArrowRight
  • MHF_Exclamation
  • MHF_Question

  • All of those wont change and are just here to make your minecraft world gets more detailed and interesting. They, however, require Internet as well to get loaded, what is a requirement for most Minecraft servers anyway.

    Freshcoals head database

    The last but for sure not the least. A crew who calls themself freshcoal started to collect player heads that most likely wont change and can be used for several awesome decorations, ingame halloween parties and even more.

    Here is a link to their Database

    It has from fruits to sweets, from computers to tvs, clocks, cameras, fancy helments, miniature blocks, social icons, colors and even the whole alphabet in stone and woodblocks. This is clearly one of the greatest thing ever created for minecraft and IMHO can not be mentioned enough. 

    A few examples:

    Possibilities with Minecraft Heads

    Especially if you look into the Freshcoal database you will notice how many small details you could improve in your minecraft worlds. I can see a lot of those items used in Adventure maps, i could imagine people creating nice Commandblock circuits in order to make the food like heads actually eatable, possibly even giving them special effects.

    Images say more than thousand words the people say, so what can these 2 images tell you? (found here)

    I havent seen them that often in the wild yet, and i would love to do so! Spread the word! Use heads everywhere! Build awesome things! Feel free to share your finds and creations!

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