Super simple vanilla minecraft sign elevators

In this short tutorial we will generate custom sign elevators for you vanilla (or pretty much anything) minecraft worlds!

All we need is our Command Sign Generator think of a slick design. I just put \/ and /\ into my signs, next to a information where it is going as text. Note that you have to escape chars like this with a extra \ like \/\\ or \\\/.

The *magic* is the minecraft tp command which allows us relative teleportation to the sign!

My example teleports you 5 blocks up, so i put 

tp @p ~ ~5 ~

into the command field.

In a similiar fashion you can also teleport, lets say 6 blocks, down:

tp @p ~ ~-6 ~

Putting all this information into the generator you get something like the following:

/give @p sign 1 0 {
BlockEntityTag: {
Text2: "{text:\"\\/\\\\\",color:\"gold\",bold:true}",
Text3: "{text:\"Elevator UP\",color:\"dark_aqua\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"tp @p ~ ~5 ~\"}}"
display: {
Name: "Custom Sign"

And tada! we made a simple but perfectly fitting elevator for you minecraft!

Keywords: sign command command sign elevator 

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