Generate vanilla minecraft potions however you like them. Make unique potions for your maps or server!

Potion Design

Pink Potion Lime Potion Yellow Potion Green Potion Dark Green Potion Gray Potion Dark Red Potion Red Potion Brown Potion Blue Potion Green Potion Pink Potion Dark Blue Potion Blue Potion Light Cyan Potion Cyan Potion Dark Red Potion Lime Potion Light Blue Potion Dark Blue Potion Light Blue Potion Yellow Potion Dark Red Potion Gray Potion Dark Green Potion Red Potion Cyan Potion

Potion Description

Potion effects

Name Description Amplifier Duration (seconds)
+20% Speed per level
-15% Speed per level
+20% Block break speed per level
Slower block break
Melee attacks +130%
Heals 4 (and more) hearts
Instant damage of 6 hearts
Allows higher jumps and reduce fall damage
Wobbles and warps the screen
Regenerate a half heart all 50 ticks
Reduces incoming damange by 20%
Immunity to fire and lava
Prevents oxygen from running out and increases visibility underwater.
Be Invisibile to players and mobs
black fog around player, prevents sprinting
Get a better vision at night and underwater
Get more hunger faster
Give less damage
Loose half a heart every 25 ticks
Loose half a heart every 40 ticks. Can also kill!
Add 4 hearts extra health
Add 4 absorition hearts.
Food meter gets replenished 1 per tick

Command options

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