State of Minecraft Command Science

Hey there you lovely visitors!

When I started the site I did not expect it to get so popular. In the moment we are most likely the first address for nearly all your minecraft command needs. The visitor counts increase from month to month, more than a million ads have been shown and having 75 users online on every very moment is not a rare occurrence anymore.

This all is thanks to you!

How it actually started

Sorry if this gets a bit emotional, but I decided I am posting the right story and not just something. My dog had diabetes for a long time and after her health slowly get worse and worse we decided that her time has come, after 15 years having my cute doggie around this was a very strange situation for me. As I do often when I don't know what to do with my thoughts I started playing Minecraft. Doing that I realized that don't really feel motivated to play, but wanted to make a map, after about a hour I couldn't find all the generators I wanted and especially didn't understand those who were there and just started to create my own.

RIP Aina


This is basically the whole story. I posted it on Reddit afterwards and things pretty much got started on its own. I realized people liked it added the DB and a few more generators and even more of you are spread in.

How it is now

As mentioned this site is getting huger and huger and you guys send me from 3-5 emails a day. I compiled a huge list of bugs of feature requests and most emails started to repeat things on my list. I disabled the Feedback form, but you can still write me via email (info@thisdomain).

But as you may have noticed I don't have to much time to put into this project. To be sincere, I play Minecraft maybe 4 times a year, sometimes for 1 week straight, but I am not full on topic all the time. Next to that I was involved in some bigger projects at work and am currently in the process of changing my job. If that is not enough time stealing, we currently have summer and my mind is somewhere around boating and enjoying the sun.

But I am not away, if I get noticed about critical bugs I fix them (if possible), if the server has issues I fix them, I monitor the performance of the server and look out for mentions around social media.

The Future

  • I do have a huge list of planned features, pretty much any possible generator is listed on it somewhere, and I would love to create them all. There are a few bugs, some of them are worked on, some of them needing other updates in first place. I hope to be able to work on all of them, but i will work something out.
  • I reached out to find some bloggers who may be interested in doing some blogging for this site, i've got a few results but none of them felt _techy_ enough to be featured here. If you are a Minecraft youtuber, and do some command block things, you may want to reach out for guaranteed exposure in the Minecraft community! If you do so, please link some of your technical videos, and be aware that also text is expected, but you can clearly post your videos as well. 
  • If you want to help translating, i've created a Github repository with the current language files.

Again thanks to all of you! You people are amazing! The contributors and each of you vistors!

PS: As so many people are around already, and it was suggested at least twice, what do you guys think about a chatroom? Do you want to talk to other minecraft coding freaks?

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