en 1.8 compactible (I used 1.8.4 opti) /summon Game mods

and... yea i got bored again and made another One In all command, this time its about me, and the bad side of me..

Oh and I want to thank you guys so much on the support it has been amazing.We've reach page 5 on the command DB top commands out of 95 pages!!!

F4_ Boss Battle

  • 3 Special Summoning Attacks
  • Summons in minions in battle
  • 90 seconds (1.5 minute) summon cooldown (within 1.5 minutes he will do 3 type of attacks)
  • Rewards an unbelievably awesome item in vanilla survival (but not too op)
  • 1st attack : summons chicken jokey in battle
  • 2nd attack : summons instant exploding creeper 0.5 blocks above your head
  • 3rd attack : summons skeletons riding blazes, witches riding wither skellies, and creepers riding silverfishes
  • will not take any knockback
  • You cannot run away since if you're 40 blocks from him you'll just get teleported to him her thing 

"Artifacts Of The Wise One"

  • enchantment : Thorns X (10), Protection X (10)
  • Hidden tags : unbreakable, enchantment
  • Will Give you buffs if youre lower then 4 hearts or at 4 hearts if youre wearing the item

Credits to these awesome website that allows me to make this command :

If the command cannot be copied what so ever go here http://pastebin.com/pQ5EgeUe

                                   Thank you for reading :D 

I Am still learning new to minecraft OIA commands and commands, what i think im good at is i am good at NOT copying someone's command, edit it a bit and claim it as yours. like seriously someone copied IJAminecraft's lucky block command edit it a bit then claimed it as his and hes in the top command. Like seriously people don't u see the credit to IJAMINECRAFT?

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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