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Hi Guys Im New Here and i want to share with you my 1st OIA command (yes it sux a bit, but im still learning :P)

This command adds in minecraft trashcans and compact chest! (If Does Not Work Go Here http://pastebin.com/9xV6rBG4}

Compact chest:

  • the compact chest is a simple minecart chest riding another minecart chest
  • it stores up 2 times the inventory of a chest but in a single block!
  • since it acts as an entity, "/kill @e" will destroy it
  • summoning the compact chest would give you an egg that would destroy the chest
  • you cannot destroy the invisible armorstand in any gamemodes ({Invulnerable:1})

Trash Cans:

  • Basically It summons 2 armorstands with a block on their head
  • it looks completely fugly since im new to armorstand blocks and designs
  • it deletes every item in a 1 block radius
  • summoning it gives you an egg which allow you to destroy the trashcan since you cant destroy it in survival
  • again, the armorstand cannot be destroyed ({Invulnerable:1})

Credits to these awesome websites that allows me to make this command

Thank You For Reading! And have a nice day!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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