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This is the second one I have made. Check out my other one please! 

So what this command does is it decorates for a awesome holiday!!! HALLOWEEN! Here's the crafting recipes! : Small pumpkin : Orange dye,carving knife,seed scooper,black marker. This also allows you to design it yourself or spawn an already carved pumpkin! Big pumpkin : Orange dye,carving knife,seed scooper,black marker. Ghost decoration : 3 white stained glass panel, cobblestone. Carving knife : 3 iron ingots,wood plank. ( any kind ). Seed scooper : 3 iron ingots,1 wood plank. Colored marker : Any colored dye,plastic. Plastic : Cooking glass in furnace ( Only normal non panel )Also if this changes that means they have been updated, for ALL of my games!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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