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Hatch your own pet dragon! To get different elemental dragons go to a certain biome. Such as a dark forest (normal forest) It will be a forest dragon. In the sky it will be a sky dragon. In the Nether or surrounded by fire/lava it will be a lava/fire dragon. Near water it will be a water dragon but not in the water or it will die. Feed it any meat including modded and normal meat. Also this is the first command I ever did so please don't hate. To hatch it it will have biome looking particles around it and will vibrate,then use the the button to break blocks with ONLY ONCE THOUGH OR ELSE IT WILL BREAK. Crafting recipes: Elemental dragon egg : Ender dragon egg + lapis,redstone,lava bucket,water bucket,grass,stone ( not cobblestone) and that's it!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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