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Notches armor set. 

Made to fend off against the hordes of evil &   unjust.  It's said anything that touches such a sacred armor without the armor holders permission will be sent to the void. 

 But the armor's true abilities are well in the      armor's trusty guidebook made by notch. 

1. The Armor will reduce damage of any kind no matter it's properties or origin by 80%. 

2. The armor has a field of holy light around it anything that touches it will smite their soul & attack will be destroyed on a molecular lvl 

3. The armor gives the wearer the abilities to heal from almost any wound. Even if the attack can destroy their very existence it will bring then back only once. 

4. The armor sends out a bright light healing allies but destroying enemies with the pain of  a million deaths 

5. The armor negates all types of negative       attacks that ignore the physical body 

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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