en1.9/givePotionsBrew of the dead by nekocubes minecraft avatar nekocubes

en1.8/giveArmorThe ADMIN SWORD by x_gangster_x minecraft avatar x_gangster_x

enAll version/giveTools & WeaponsKiller hoe ! by psychologiez minecraft avatar psychologiez

de1.11.2/giveArmorEntity 305's Chestplate Updatet by creep minecraft avatar creep

en1.11/summonOtherRaining Diamonds Test by damariontdw minecraft avatar damariontdw

en1.11/sayMobs & PetsTest hi by madcat minecraft avatar madcat

en1.8-1.11/giveTools & WeaponsArcher's Taser by aodhagan333 minecraft avatar aodhagan333

en1.12/summonVillager ShopsMap Maker Armour Merchant by swifty1327 minecraft avatar swifty1327

en1.11/summonMobs & PetsLalix V2 by jokeman minecraft avatar jokeman

en1.8/giveOtherDirt head (is was pos to be my head) by dirtcraftop minecraft avatar dirtcraftop

en1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11+/summonVillager ShopsDr.Trayaurus By RvLzHusk by rvlzhusk minecraft avatar rvlzhusk

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsInfinity Bow by akutenshi44 minecraft avatar akutenshi44

en1.8+/giveSigns2 in 1! by asg2o0_yt minecraft avatar asg2o0_yt

en1.8/plane3jur230jf82wdfk023r23tr7fejif2378957243uf48armanpiloitjewufjeu8ygth3rmjv7y4tnhv5trjyupojuer8ewdfjasufr723wecMechanismsplane airmoantantee airmatdoan by kal11223344 minecraft avatar kal11223344

en1.12/givePotionsunlucky potion by gamerman109 minecraft avatar gamerman109

en1.8/giveBooksgod boots by deadpool090 minecraft avatar deadpool090

en1.12.2/giveBooksThe Mynephone by char minecraft avatar char

en1.12/giveTools & WeaponsSupa Pickax by superserverdude minecraft avatar superserverdude

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsNecromancer's Sythce by awdddadawd minecraft avatar awdddadawd

en1.12/effectMechanismsSuper Sain by darknight82007 minecraft avatar darknight82007

en1.12/summonVillager ShopsMooseCraft by emeraldminecart9 minecraft avatar emeraldminecart9

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsBow That Goes With Kiss Of Death by raptor8600 minecraft avatar raptor8600

en1.12.2/tpOtherFLY by nigga hellas 123 minecraft avatar nigga hellas 123

en1.10/summonVillager ShopsHephaestus test by nekocubes minecraft avatar nekocubes

en1.12.2/giveTools & Weaponsthe pan by sethy161 minecraft avatar sethy161

en1.9/ench:Tools & Weaponsсупер меч by micha minecraft avatar micha

en1.12/giveTools & Weapons(BeeZee2004's) Silver Sword by beezee2004 minecraft avatar beezee2004

en1.11.2/giveTools & Weaponsfuck that by xnduiw_official minecraft avatar xnduiw_official

en1.9+ Only/giveBooksGapple Phone v0.1.1 by dr. aaron minecraft avatar dr. aaron

en1.12.2/givePotionsSuperior Potion by jacobhe minecraft avatar jacobhe

en1.12/giveOther itemsOP AGGRESSIVE COMPASS by thegaurddogthing minecraft avatar thegaurddogthing

de1.8/giveSigns/give nuschnittehd minecraft:Lucky_block by nuschnittehd minecraft avatar nuschnittehd

en1.12.2 and below/summonVillager ShopsSet Chiến sĩ by hunglord minecraft avatar hunglord

en1.12.2/giveOtherFlight 10 firework by hacked minecraft avatar hacked

de1.12/giveTools & WeaponsKapitäns Waffe Teil 2 by steindestroyer minecraft avatar steindestroyer

en1.12.2/givePotionsApple Juice! by golden_money minecraft avatar golden_money

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsThe luckiest sword ever by denvar21 minecraft avatar denvar21

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsThe Shady Trader... by witherking minecraft avatar witherking

en1.8/giveGame modsStein Schwert Level 4 (Bedwars) by leontogamer minecraft avatar leontogamer

en1.12/giveTools & WeaponsFor server by dabarondavinci minecraft avatar dabarondavinci

en1.12 Mayble 1.12.2/giveOtherPRO Stone Enchant LVL 30000 by mrcommandblue minecraft avatar mrcommandblue

en1.12/summonVillager ShopsCurrency Villager by _craftguy_ minecraft avatar _craftguy_

en1.8.8/giveChest setsHi my by dogvn128 minecraft avatar dogvn128

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsRyan's Minigames - Trader 1 by rebateman minecraft avatar rebateman

en1.8.9 + 1.11.2/giveChest setsBlock ? by thedarkminepro minecraft avatar thedarkminepro

en1.8/giveArmorppaaa by arinoodle minecraft avatar arinoodle

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsDevil Trigger by rogankane minecraft avatar rogankane

en1.8/summonOthermetoer bow by abbethegodnoob minecraft avatar abbethegodnoob

en1.8/setblockPotionsRedskin by redrock105 minecraft avatar redrock105

en1.10/summonOtherWall Jumping / WallClimbing one command no mods by shadowbr minecraft avatar shadowbr