en1.8/effectPotionsSUPER SPEED!!!!!! by sk8beans minecraft avatar sk8beans

en1.9+/effectCommand instructionsLow gravity by xx_t0x1c_xx minecraft avatar xx_t0x1c_xx

en1.8.4/effectOthereffect Generator by coltonguy65 minecraft avatar coltonguy65

en1.9/effectPotionsInfinite potion effects by tree-o-matic minecraft avatar tree-o-matic

en1.8+/effectPotionsDisable Hunger Bar by michaeljh2008 minecraft avatar michaeljh2008

en1.8/effectOthersuper strength!! by colddog123 minecraft avatar colddog123

en1.8/effectArmorSUPER COOL U ARE INDESTRUCTABLE IT IS BOSS!!!!!!!! by isquid minecraft avatar isquid

en1.11.2/effectPotionsAwesome effecs by megaforce72 minecraft avatar megaforce72

en1.9/effectOther1.9 PVP to 1.8 PVP by yonatanplaysmc minecraft avatar yonatanplaysmc

en1.8/effectOtherjump boost by the_epic_emerald minecraft avatar the_epic_emerald

en1.8/effectOtherfly hack! by xxjordan9999xx minecraft avatar xxjordan9999xx

en1.10.2/effectPotionsblind command by diamondsword234 minecraft avatar diamondsword234

en1.8+/effectPotionsOP strength effect by boygamer123pro minecraft avatar boygamer123pro

en1.8/effectOtherOP strength 225 potion effect by megatrollface minecraft avatar megatrollface

en1.6 and up/effectPotionsget unlimited health!!! by guruzaiden minecraft avatar guruzaiden

en1.10.2/effectMobs & Petsbecome any animal you want by thebestplayer minecraft avatar thebestplayer

en1.6+ 1.7+ 1.8+ 1.9+/effectPotionsHigh Jump by mj004 minecraft avatar mj004

de1.8/effectOthereffect command by x_skull_taker_x minecraft avatar x_skull_taker_x

en1.8/effectOtheri'm amazed by my health by colddog123 minecraft avatar colddog123

en1.8/effectGame modsMax Health! by jjp2008 minecraft avatar jjp2008

en1.6 and up/effectPotionsunlimited regeneration by cr33p3r_man_ minecraft avatar cr33p3r_man_

en1.9 1.8 and 1.7/effectPotionsI beleve I can fly by sugarcanecadaver minecraft avatar sugarcanecadaver

enevery minecraft version i think/effectOtherhow to get maximum speed by benjaminmv minecraft avatar benjaminmv

en1.8/effectOtherUNLIMITED HEALTH by abyram minecraft avatar abyram

en1.9/effectOtherGlowing effect (1.9) by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/effectOtherlevitate in one simple command! by jameshedahl minecraft avatar jameshedahl

en1.8/effectPotionsKILL ANYTHING WITH YOU FIST IN ONE HIT!!! just not the endy dragon by loud_cloud minecraft avatar loud_cloud

en1.9/effectMobs & PetsFoxy the pirate. You know who i mean by captdeadeyemc minecraft avatar captdeadeyemc

en1.20/effectPotionsPotion Of The Gods by fixx minecraft avatar fixx

en1.20/effectPotionsPotion Of The Heavens by fixx minecraft avatar fixx

en1.12.2/effectTools & WeaponsSpider-Man 2002 - Command only one! by gres1209 minecraft avatar gres1209

en1.8/effectOtherSUPER OP PLAYER by corrupt steve minecraft avatar corrupt steve

en1.10+/effectOtherLevitation Effect by itswishley minecraft avatar itswishley

de1.13/effectPotionsEffekt unendliche nachtsicht by vp007a minecraft avatar vp007a

en1.5/effectPotionsEffect Command by elite hacker minecraft avatar elite hacker

en1.8+ and 1.9+/effectPotions1 Hit K-O by mj004 minecraft avatar mj004

en1.8/effectOtherSpeed*10 by yopoo5 minecraft avatar yopoo5

en1.8+/effectOtherInvincibility Forever by theonewhodoesnthope minecraft avatar theonewhodoesnthope

en1.12.2+/effectOtheridk what this really is by pieso89 minecraft avatar pieso89

en1.8/effectPotionsop potion effects custom command by dantheman1805 minecraft avatar dantheman1805

en1.8/effectPotionsUnlimited health by facetheif882537 minecraft avatar facetheif882537

en1.8/effectPotionsan effect... by theamazingsteve minecraft avatar theamazingsteve

en1.8/effectPotionsEpic Troll Command by crono63 minecraft avatar crono63

enAnything that has the effect command in it/effectPotionsA ton of health by herobrinegrimm minecraft avatar herobrinegrimm

en1.8/effectPotionsSuper levitation by _j_p minecraft avatar _j_p

enany version or edition/effectOtherultra hardcore by superpro  . minecraft avatar superpro .

enAny/effectPotionsEffect by beat_box_man minecraft avatar beat_box_man

enany/effectGame modssuper poiton part 1 by jackson minecraft avatar jackson

en1.11.2/effectPotionsInfinite HP! and Regen! by apex_spice minecraft avatar apex_spice

en1.11.2/effectPotions/effect @a minecraft:speed 11 11 11 by bachuki555 minecraft avatar bachuki555