en1.11+/summonMechanismsTURRET by jamesamine minecraft avatar jamesamine

en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/summonVillager ShopsStarting Pack by iraqiclasher minecraft avatar iraqiclasher

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsAwesome Villager Shop by erdalith_ minecraft avatar erdalith_

en1.11/summonOtherCASTLE IN ONE COMMAND by itszender minecraft avatar itszender

en1.9/summonMobs & PetsBulbasuar by foxygaming234 minecraft avatar foxygaming234

en1.1.1+/summonGame modsTsunami in One Command by twaitbrine minecraft avatar twaitbrine

en1.8/summonMobs & Petspet robot only one command for the most epic pet by l0st5ilver minecraft avatar l0st5ilver

en1.11.2/summonVillager ShopsThe Doctor by smirkydevil52 minecraft avatar smirkydevil52

en1.8+/summonOther itemslightning sword! by mr_eth minecraft avatar mr_eth

en1.8/summonOthermore tnt ONE COMMAND!!!!!!!!!!!! by wessel10 minecraft avatar wessel10

en1.8/summonArmorHero Fashionâ„¢ ~ Leather Armor for Heroes (Shop) by kingseta minecraft avatar kingseta

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsVILLAGER AWESOME by mogang minecraft avatar mogang

en1.11.2/summonArmorDarkness Weapons by enderdragon09 minecraft avatar enderdragon09

en1.8.1/summonGame modsFULLY CLEARED COLORED BLOCKS IN VANILLA (Minecraft) ONLY ONE COMMAND BLOCK by emiliusamigos10 minecraft avatar emiliusamigos10

enall versions/summonVillager ShopsFood Shop (Best you can find) by oliverdata minecraft avatar oliverdata

en1.8/summonOtherMinecraft JUMPSCARE in ONE COMMAND! by crafterilan minecraft avatar crafterilan

de1.8/summonVillager ShopsBedwars command by germanelite20 minecraft avatar germanelite20

en1.10+/summonArmorBaby Armor Stands by popfox123 minecraft avatar popfox123

en1.11.X And The 1.12 Snapshot/summonOtherMoFeatures Only One Command For 1.11.X And The 1.12 Snapshot by vampire0168 minecraft avatar vampire0168

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsGirlfriend in Minecraft Easy Command by sharpenedrazor minecraft avatar sharpenedrazor

en1.9/summonMobs & PetsHELECOPTER IN MINECRAFT by jjj_321 minecraft avatar jjj_321

en1.8/summonOtherUltimate Spell-Book by amishminebot minecraft avatar amishminebot

en1.8/summonMobs & Petsplayer statue by misoloo minecraft avatar misoloo

en1.9 Or 1.8/summonMobs & PetsThe Wither Storm (Guys Get This Command) by turkcreeper06 minecraft avatar turkcreeper06

en1.8/summonOtherCaptain America (by JPDude98) by maturedragon123 minecraft avatar maturedragon123

en1.8.3/summonTools & WeaponsMeteor Bow in One Command (Vanilla Minecraft) by sonicdas minecraft avatar sonicdas

en1.8/summonCommand instructionsminecraft_pocket_edition by oliverqueen@gmail.com minecraft avatar oliverqueen@gmail.com

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsFNAF IN ONE COMMAND! by bloodredstone minecraft avatar bloodredstone

en1.8+/summonTools & WeaponsStar Wars in Only One Command! by ordinaryotto minecraft avatar ordinaryotto

enOfficial Release 1.8.x/summonGame modsJeb & Notch Boss Fight in One Command by dudetheninja minecraft avatar dudetheninja

en1.9/summonGame modsLucky Blocks no Mods!!!!!!!! by nathan1478 minecraft avatar nathan1478

en1.8/SummonVillager ShopsStore by superpup111gamer minecraft avatar superpup111gamer

en1.9, 1.10/summonTools & Weapons1.9/1.10 Explosive Arrows! by icraftc4 minecraft avatar icraftc4

en1.8/summonGame modsPowerful Weapons by enderskeleton344 minecraft avatar enderskeleton344

en1.8/summonGame modsFirework bow by enderdragon1257 minecraft avatar enderdragon1257

en1.8/summonOtherAwesome Invisible Armor Stand! by ssuperminer minecraft avatar ssuperminer

en/summonVillager ShopsXp giver by tehme minecraft avatar tehme

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsOp Zombie! by xnestorio minecraft avatar xnestorio

en1.7+/summonVillager ShopsBest Villager Trades by photon minecraft avatar photon

enOfficial Release 1.8.x/summonGame modsElemental Spells in Vanilla Minecraft in One Command by dudetheninja minecraft avatar dudetheninja

en1.11/summonOtherHOTEL IN 1 min. by itszender minecraft avatar itszender

en1.9 1.10/summonOtherModern house 5 "One command block" by jar9 minecraft avatar jar9

en1.11+/summonMechanismsRainbow Maze 1.11 by char minecraft avatar char

en1.11/summonGame modsKrzesla 1.11 by mixon606 minecraft avatar mixon606

en1.9/summonVillager ShopsSkyBlock Villager Shop by kd8lvt minecraft avatar kd8lvt

en1.10/SUMMONMechanismsLucky Block Command for 1.10 by mlgbro456 minecraft avatar mlgbro456

en1.8/summonMechanismsMINECRAFT AUTO CANONS NO MODS! by thielie minecraft avatar thielie

en1.11.2/summonOtherLuxury Mansion by barelyalice minecraft avatar barelyalice

en1.5.2/summonVillager ShopsFive nights at Freddy's' by joeywallace12 minecraft avatar joeywallace12

en1.8+/summonTools & WeaponsDefenses with one command (4 defenses, 3 traps) by ferdy2005 minecraft avatar ferdy2005