en1.8.8 | 1.12 LINK/tellrawOther"Herobrine joined the game." by beargryllsgamer minecraft avatar beargryllsgamer

en1.8/tellrawTutorialsHerobrine joined the game? by thunderain minecraft avatar thunderain

en1.10/tellrawOtherHerobrine joined the game by epic_toriel minecraft avatar epic_toriel

en1.8/tellrawOtherTroll Your Friends With This Command! by skittle_boy minecraft avatar skittle_boy

en1.11.2/tellrawOtherWelcome... by dobbydubber minecraft avatar dobbydubber

en1.8/tellrawOtherYour Custom /tellraw! (1.8) by chickendude19 minecraft avatar chickendude19

en1.9/tellrawOther"Notch joined the game" Troll by char minecraft avatar char

en1.11/tellrawOtherExplodingTNT join by maximusgameryt minecraft avatar maximusgameryt

en1.8.9/tellrawOtherHerobrine joined the game command troll by maxerkul minecraft avatar maxerkul

en1.10.2/tellrawOtherFake Join by lewisrocks7 minecraft avatar lewisrocks7

en1.8/tellrawMechanismsOpen URL by clicking text by sgdragonslayeryt minecraft avatar sgdragonslayeryt

en1.8+/tellrawOtherHerobrine Command Troll by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8.8 +/tellrawMobs & PetsHerobrine (Read description) by alexrock2006 minecraft avatar alexrock2006

en1.8 1.10 1.9 1.9.4 1.7/tellrawTutorialsMAKE HEROBRINE "TALK" AND "JOIN THE GAME"! by assassinsquid33 minecraft avatar assassinsquid33

en1.8+/tellrawOtherJumpscare >:) by itsjustamine minecraft avatar itsjustamine

en1.9/tellrawOtherHerobrine Joined the game prank by enderguy509 minecraft avatar enderguy509

en1.0 +/tellrawOtherTHE TEXT NO MODS by batmangamer minecraft avatar batmangamer

en1.8 or above/tellrawOtherFake Chat by lordpizzagamer minecraft avatar lordpizzagamer

en1.8.9/tellrawGame modsherobrine left the game by cakecat2007 minecraft avatar cakecat2007

en1.8+/tellrawOtherButton in chat by vipoet minecraft avatar vipoet

en1.11.2/tellrawOtherHerobrine has joined the game (fixed) by yoavgr minecraft avatar yoavgr

en1.8.5/tellrawCommand instructionsBold /tellraw command with italic and underined! by mumbo_wumbo minecraft avatar mumbo_wumbo

en1.8/tellrawScoreboardPlayer Joined Game by minelox92videos minecraft avatar minelox92videos

en1.8/tellrawScoreboardPlayer Left Game by minelox92videos minecraft avatar minelox92videos

en1.8./tellrawSignsHow to get text Player joined the game by blue_hokk minecraft avatar blue_hokk

en1.9/tellrawMechanismsAnnouncement Command by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8 +/tellrawOtherTEXT NO MODS SPECIAL by batmangamer minecraft avatar batmangamer

enAll of 1.8/tellrawOther itemsGamemode Changer Book (GCB) by birdkind minecraft avatar birdkind

en1.10 - 1.11 ( NO snapshots )/tellrawOtherHerobrine Joined The Game [ Prank Tellraw ] by xx_pentatonix_xx minecraft avatar xx_pentatonix_xx

en1.8/tellrawOtherColored Text by ranger_rach minecraft avatar ranger_rach

en1.8/tellrawOtherDanTDM Joined the game! (Prank your friends!) by littlellamax minecraft avatar littlellamax

en1.8/tellrawOtherTellraw Troll by spreadrr minecraft avatar spreadrr

en1.8/tellrawBooksSWITCH TO ANY GAMEMODE IN MINECRAFT WITH THIS BOOK! by idiggidydog minecraft avatar idiggidydog

en1.9/tellrawTutorialsClick to join the party!! by ffgames minecraft avatar ffgames

enAll/tellrawCommand instructionsTroll tellraw by stoupy51 minecraft avatar stoupy51

en1.12/tellrawOther"Herobrine joined the game" - UPDATED EDITION! by beargryllsgamer minecraft avatar beargryllsgamer

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsHow to use /tellraw by superpigdude68 minecraft avatar superpigdude68

en/tellrawOtherRAINBOW TEXT by syedgamer minecraft avatar syedgamer

en1.8/tellrawMechanismsTroll Your friends notch is in the game by ciagaming minecraft avatar ciagaming

en1.9.2 - 1.10.2/tellrawCommand instructionsPrank You Friends! by thecupcakediva_ minecraft avatar thecupcakediva_

en1.8/tellrawMobs & PetsFrozen Ender Dragon! by bgmead minecraft avatar bgmead

en1.10 - 11.1 - 11.1.2/tellrawSignsNotch joined the game?? by korol1 minecraft avatar korol1

en1.9/tellrawOtherCustom achievement generator by firedash minecraft avatar firedash

en1.8+/tellrawCommand instructionsopen website from minecraft by redstoner6 minecraft avatar redstoner6

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsLightning Bolt Prank by danisawesome9 minecraft avatar danisawesome9

en1.10/tellrawOtherHerobrine joined the game error by deysol minecraft avatar deysol

en1.8+ 1.9+ 1.10+/tellrawScoreboardRED in chat " Herobrine Joined the Game! by fox4k minecraft avatar fox4k

de1.8/tellrawOtherNice Teams Eng/Ger by theyellowtitan minecraft avatar theyellowtitan

de1.8.x,1.9.x/tellrawOtherHerobrines Rache by liquidxxx357 minecraft avatar liquidxxx357

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsTroll your friends by let them say something they didn't say! by agent_m minecraft avatar agent_m