en1.8+/giveTools & WeaponsThe almighty Ban Hammer by kasemekk minecraft avatar kasemekk

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsHerobrine's weapon by luwman minecraft avatar luwman

en1.10/summonTools & WeaponsDisable TNT Griefing by gabrielmantos@yahoo.com minecraft avatar gabrielmantos@yahoo.com

en1.8-1.11.2/giveTools & WeaponsOne Shot One Kill.. by nitrozeus_ minecraft avatar nitrozeus_

de1.8/giveTools & WeaponsHolzschwert_mit_OP_Power by crazyat minecraft avatar crazyat

en1.8 - 1.8.1/giveTools & Weapons2 HANDED PICKAXE by withermasterpvp minecraft avatar withermasterpvp

en1.10.2/giveTools & WeaponsZeus Sword by the_gems minecraft avatar the_gems

en1.8, 1.9/giveTools & WeaponsSans Bone Attack by yoshi_elementyt minecraft avatar yoshi_elementyt

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsWitcher Sword. by deathvader1337 minecraft avatar deathvader1337

en1.8+/giveTools & WeaponsTwilight Sparkle's Wonderful Staff!!! by mutoplaysmc minecraft avatar mutoplaysmc

en1.8/giveTools & Weaponssuper op pickaxe by andrewman365 minecraft avatar andrewman365

en1.8/giveTools & Weaponsspongebob's sword by jkrg minecraft avatar jkrg

en1.10/giveTools & WeaponsKiller Sword Of Doom by crafty_dan minecraft avatar crafty_dan

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsDeath Sword by deadlyben100 minecraft avatar deadlyben100

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsOp fishing rod by wwthunderstar minecraft avatar wwthunderstar

en1.9+/giveTools & WeaponsNo Attack Cool-Down 1.9+ Test #2 by the_iron_bow minecraft avatar the_iron_bow

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsGOD Shovel by truthfulpenguin minecraft avatar truthfulpenguin

en1.8 or above/giveTools & WeaponsTHE ONLY OP SWORD!!! by deacon5190 minecraft avatar deacon5190

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsThe Op Fishing Rod by jkrg minecraft avatar jkrg

enALL/giveTools & WeaponsGOD STICK by god36 minecraft avatar god36

en1.8, 1.9/executeTools & WeaponsSuper TNT by legogeek616 minecraft avatar legogeek616

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsThe Ultimate Shovel by jkrg minecraft avatar jkrg

de1.11.2/giveTools & WeaponsUltimatives PC welt schwe´rt by sphinxcaeser minecraft avatar sphinxcaeser

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsDa God Bow!! by creeper_cry04 minecraft avatar creeper_cry04

en1.8/giveTools & Weaponsender bow by endercreeper360 minecraft avatar endercreeper360

en1.9/giveTools & WeaponsMending Pickaxe by tomasdev minecraft avatar tomasdev

en1.10.2/executeTools & WeaponsBoom bow by nitroblock minecraft avatar nitroblock

en1.9/giveTools & WeaponsCheat Sword by gab59th minecraft avatar gab59th

en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/giveTools & WeaponsDiamond Arrow by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

en1.8.8/summonTools & WeaponsThe Admin Sword by mrcosmicmc minecraft avatar mrcosmicmc

en1.8.9/giveTools & WeaponsULTIMATE SWORD! by bence6 minecraft avatar bence6

en1.8-infente/giveTools & Weaponsmost op sword by herobrine minecraft avatar herobrine

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsMagic Baseball Bat in Only One Command! by nachogaming minecraft avatar nachogaming

en1.9snapshots 1.10snapshots 1.8/giveTools & WeaponsSuper Op Pickaxe by emeraldcreeper95 minecraft avatar emeraldcreeper95

en1.9 and up/giveTools & WeaponsInstant kill stick by spooderman__sweg minecraft avatar spooderman__sweg

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsFast Shovel by polokibird minecraft avatar polokibird

en1.11/giveTools & Weaponsgolden stick by solo gamer minecraft avatar solo gamer

en1.11/giveTools & Weaponsbest weapon by solo gamer minecraft avatar solo gamer

en15w45a / 1.9/summonTools & WeaponsMore Weapons By: tlm920 by tlm920 minecraft avatar tlm920

en1.11.2/giveTools & WeaponsSuper Mega Sword by redbro123 minecraft avatar redbro123

en1.8+/giveTools & WeaponsRusty Sword by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

en1.11/giveTools & Weaponsdeath fishing rod by solo gamer minecraft avatar solo gamer

en1.10/giveTools & WeaponsLegendary Pickaxe by elecepont minecraft avatar elecepont

en1.8 1.8.x 1.9/giveTools & WeaponsWurst sword by heyitzseum_yt minecraft avatar heyitzseum_yt

en1.8.8/summonTools & WeaponsMake Houses! OnlyOneCmd! by nghias minecraft avatar nghias

en1.8 -1.11/giveTools & WeaponsOP BOW (Luck Bow) by conortheminer912 minecraft avatar conortheminer912

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsGod bow by cookiesman20 minecraft avatar cookiesman20

en1.10.2/giveTools & Weaponsender BOw by starmanender minecraft avatar starmanender

en1.8 1.8.1 1.8.2 1.8.3 /giveTools & WeaponsEPIC PICKAXE EVER YOU WILL DESTROY ANYTHING by iceknight minecraft avatar iceknight

en1.8+/giveTools & WeaponsThe one hit kill OP axe! by youplops234 minecraft avatar youplops234