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This is a Sword which instantly kills anything! Including the Ender Dragon! Useful when wanted to kill stuff instantly in creative mode.

How to Get this Sword

  1. Make sure cheats are on.
  2. Type in the chat:-
    /give @p minecraft:command_block
  3. Get a Redstone block.

  4. On this site, Minify the command below and copy it (Ctrl+C (On Windows)).

  5. Get back to Minecraft and place the Command Block.

  6. Click the command block and it will open its G.U.I.

  7. Type on the upper box of the G.U.I. and paste the command. (Ctrl+V (On Windows))

  8. Click 'Done' on the Command Block G.U.I.

  9. Place the Redstone Block beside the Command Block.

  10. You should get the Sword. Happy Killing!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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