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Earn easy money by playing satta king game
Yes you can really earn easy money by playing satta king games in India.If you are a resident of Indian you may have a chance to earn easy money.Basically you need to have a basic idea of how this game works.

Here is a details guided as to how you can play it.So without taking your time I let you know what are the three main popular games which are played worldwide but mostly in India.

Here are the list of mentioned 4 games

Particularly Disawar is the king of mentioned 4 games and played mostly in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Faridabad, Gaziabad, Agra, Old Delhi regions while gali disawar, gaziabad, faridabad are subsequently played.

So above mentioned article I told you about popular games which are played now I let you know how It works.

You need to choose satta king number between 1 to 100 for your chosen games.

Suppose you chose 66 for disawar and If you are lucky enough and this number gets open or declared next day, Voila you won. Now you will get 9t times of money of the games.

If you bet 10 rupees then you will get around 850 rupee from you area khaiwal or punter (Khaiwal is the person who conducts or operate the game in your area all you need to do just contact your area khaiwal) .

How to play satta king game
As of now I have told about satta king game how It is played in magnificent way, Now I show you some times which display satta number

Please go through these sites to know more about the game and read through FAQ and old chart of games to get an idea or anticipate satta number

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The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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