en 1.8 /give Armor

Overpowered Diamond Helmet!

Made by uncrackable.

This is yet another command by me! I hope you enjoy this one!


  • Protection 9999999999
  • Thorns 99999999999
  • Unbreaking 99999999
This helmet does not have much enchantments but do not underestimate it! It is SUPER OP!

No credits needed and you can use it in a survival world(If you are okay with cheating) or in a PvP server.
You will need a command block(/give @p command_block 64) to do the command.
Please note you will need cheats enabled and if on a server command blocks and cheats enabled.
More enchantments for Armour will come soon!
Make sure to comment if you liked the Overpowered Diamond Helmet!


The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

Created: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 09:20:49, Updated: Wed, 27 Jan 2021 04:53:58, Views: 10

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