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This system can help mapmakers to be more productive when creating adventure maps.

If an adventure map was created with the help of this system, you should get rid of all scoreboard objectives and extra entities by executing /scoreboard players set @p toolsInstall -1.

You are allowed to use this for whatever you want, but if you are about to publish a video in which you are using this, please credit me! (youtube.com/c/22samuelk)


This system contains various tools for mapmakers that simplify mapmaking. One of the main features is creating pausable clocks by using an spawn egg or by throwing an redstone block and a command block together.


  1. Copy the One Command from that page
    If you rather want to use the version with box and install/uninstall signs, use that link (This version will exceed the 63-Block-Clocking-Limit! Not recommended!)
  2. Get a command block by typing /give @p command_block
  3. Paste the command into the block by right-clicking it and pressing CTRL+V, STRG+V or COMMAND+V
  4. Power the command block e.g. with a redstone block. Note that powering from the top will cause the structure not to generate. The structure will generate to positive X.

If the command blocks are still there after uninstalling, you can reinstall the system by typing these commands:

/scoreboard objectives add toolsInstall dummy
/scoreboard players set @p toolsInstall 1


  1. Remove that system’s objectives by typing /scoreboard players set @p toolsInstall -1 (or by right-clicking the uninstall-sign in the version with box)
  2. Destroy all command blocks (or right-click destroy-sign) to get rid of them.



  • SPAWN fill clocks:
    redstone block + command block = clock on items' position
    redstone dust + command block = clock spawn egg
    All spawned clocks will face the direction the nearest player is looking towards when spawning it.
  • UPGRADE existing clocks:
    comparator + command block = upgrade spawn egg
    Right-click upgrade item between fill command blocks of an disabled, vertical clock. Then, place comparator on top of the clock.
  • PAUSE fill clocks:
    Every spawned or upgraded fill clock can be paused by right-clicking the comparator on top of the clock. If not working, try re-upgrading that clock.

Spawn Eggs

  • Destroyer
    tnt + command block = destroyer spawn egg
    Right-click it on the ground to delete blocks around it. (X, Z: 2, Y: 4)
  • Killer
    arrow + command block = destroyer spawn egg
    Right-click it on a block to kill entities around it. (r=2)

Quick Access

If a player enables Quick Access, it’ll have some useful items in its inventory.

Enable it by executing /trigger toolsQkAcs set 1
Disable it by executing /trigger toolsQkAcs set 0

  • Teleport
    Change mode by dropping the mode item (snowball / ender pearl)
    Set-mode: Set Quick Access teleport markers by dropping certain ender eye items. Setting the same marker again will remove the old one.
    Teleport-mode: Lets you teleport to a Quick Access teleport marker by dropping one of the ender eye item.
    Reset all markers: /trigger toolsQkAcsReset set 1
  • Gamemode and Command Block
    By dropping the gamemode change item, the player’s gamemode will change.
    The player always has a command block in his inventory to take it whenever it needs it.
  • No Downfall
    Disable weather forever by changing the gamerule weather to 0. Changing it to 1 will enable downfall.

    Enable downfall: /gamerule weather 1
    Disable downfall: /gamerule weather 0

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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