en 1.13+ /1st Command instructions You need copy the 1st command and press "Done! in Command Block. Now you need press F3 to see Coordinate. (You have to select where!)
Search XYZ: and write in a paper the Coordinate for remember it. Now write the Coordinate in the 1st command, after be copyed /tp @p.
Now place another Command Block and Copy the 2nd command. (To have the Command Block, write in Chat: /give @p minecraft:command_block)
Now place another Command Block and Copy the 3rd command.
So, now you have Surveillance Camera. Delete the 3rd command, 3rd Command Block too.
Now you have to place a Ripetitor between the 1st and 2nd Command Blocks, and a Button up the 1st Command Block.
Now go to your Home, in a ANGLE, place a Block in the roof BUT you have to leave one block to space. up the block that you have place, put the Camea.
Delete the Block. Now, get a Lever and place it UNDER the Camera.
Now you have to get a Barrier, in front of one of the Lever. (To have Barrier, write in Chat: /give @p minecraft:barrier)
Done! Now you can see your House in a Camera. Looks like Cool. See ya! :D

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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