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so basicly its in 1.12 but its 2 player and 1 person puts the block down withch is a shulker with 1 heath and when you kill it it will drop a random item so 1 person in the creative mode and 1 in survivle the creative mode person has to put down the lucky block and then the person in survivle has to close there eyes and hit one of the shulkers with a random sword witch the comand will give you and because of the close eyes its because the nameplate is on the top of the shulker box now dont worry because it doesent do any damage so after that round the person in creative goes to survivle gives the person in survivle the shulker spawn eggs and then that person goes into creative and so on so on  you do that with every round  and you can do the challange as much as you want  oh and make sure you battle when you ready just do about maby 20 rounds the stop then battle if your pat they can drop beacond dragon eggs and nether stars thats it but place down any of the spawneggs play unlimitedly

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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