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This command summons the Reaper to fight you. He is slightly weaker than my other witherstorm boss ( you should check it out ) 

so i made his drops slightly less powerful. You should be able to fight him with Protection 4 diamond armor and a Power 5 bow but 

do not let him hit you. He has less health compared to the witherstorm i made but he does much more damage so thats why you 

should encounter him with a bow.


5750 HP

176 attack damage

Moves relatively quickly

20 armor which is equal to diamond armor

30% chance to resist knockback from attacks

Affects you with the wither effect if it hits you ( of course, if you can survive the 176 damage ) with a duration depending on difficulty

He can drop his armor and his scythe with a 10% drop chance for each and every one of those items. Have fun beating him!

Note: If you are having trouble with this boss battle then i recommend using the weapons and armor from the original god chest i made

because i just remembered that it has gear equipped with projectile protection XIII so i'm not sure if a power V bow can do damage to it.

Also the Infernal Longbow from Ghastly works just fine against him too so if you do not have a power 5 bow then use that weapon 

instead ( although you should have one by the time you fight Ghastly but if you beat it melee then you can totally kill this with a sword ).

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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