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NOTE: Only people with OP can do this
Another thing: This idea was created by Nova CMD he knew it when the potion effects just came out! his YT channel is: Nova CMD 

Hold on! Another potion? This time no command? Well, this command isn't in vanilla minecraft (Thats just normal minecraft). You can only get this with Super Potions plugin in bukkit. There are pretty much servers with this plugin.

To make the potion:

1. Hold any splash potion you would like to have
2. Type in chat:"/potion effects:health_boost power:175 duration:1000000"
3. After the shining, change the health_boost into heal and that's all!
4. Now your done! But don't forget about these things!

You can't throw this potion in area's that are anti splash potion, unless you have override or something else.
The only fix for this is: Someone else heals you, Someone clears the effect of you, Someone restarts server or something or someone goes to console and you also have some other commands to solve it like /hero
Pls don't throw this potion to abuse staff ;) If you see anyone with this potion you can't trust 100% STEAL HIS/HER POTION AND DEMOTE HIM/HER AND SPEAK ABOUT HOW HE/SHE GOT IT OR WHY HE/SHE HAS IT!

After all, I hope you like the potion and another thing is, pls don't throw this at yourself to test it, throw it on your alt or something ,and btw you can use /god to counter it but 

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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