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Youtube video about this command : https://youtu.be/qxeme87HOSE

So, here's what ya got when the command block modder takes a wall in the head and loses ninety percent of his mental capacities. This command will make you able to brew vodka and to become a communist, thus making poor farmers cry around you. You will also be able to explode cows without even spawning cows! Arrows shoot snowmen! Snowmen shoot snowballs! Snowballs shoot arrows! Arrows shoot villagers! And those villagers EXPLODE! Kill anything and you'll hear the sweet evocator's "wololo". Experience orbs sound like sheeps. But you can see they're not real sheeps, cause else they would levitate and explode.

Plus, you get a machine made out of slime blocks and coarse dirt. It looks very well together. Oh, and DON'T CLICK ON SIGNS TALKING ABOUT PEANUTS. Just a precaution.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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