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With this command block contraption, you will be able to add realistic and functional elevators to your world. First, you will need to craft an elevator cage.

To do so, throw onto the ground two blocks of iron and sixteen iron bars. The elevator cage will be crafted.

To control your elevator, you will need an up button and a down button. To craft them, use 4 pieces of redstone + 1 button (wooden = up, stone = down).

To place the elevator cage, throw it onto a quartz slab. If you place it with right click, you will just place a normal iron block, and you won't be able to get your elevator back, so caution!

Before placing the elevator cage, you will need to place iron bars columns at the corners (the elevator will be 3x3 blocks large). Here's a view from top of how it should look like:

  • X O X    the X are the iron bars, the O are empty
  • O - O    spots and the - is where you have to
  • X O X    place the quartz slab and the elevator cage.
Once the elevator is placed, you can go on it. Select the up button to go up, and the down button to go down. Remember that the elevator can go out the iron bar tracks, and won't be able to move if it happens, so you should place a platform on top so the elevator stops (sorry for my [probably] wrong english, I'm not a native speaker - hope you understand my explanations :P ).

If you want to destroy the elevator (by example if it went out of the tracks), rename an iron spade / shovel "Iron hammer" (with the capital I, else it won't work) and throw it on the elevator.
If the elevator is still on the tracks, but don't move at all when it should, shift with your iron hammer in your hand. It should work again, then.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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