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This command will add three new furnaces in vanilla minecraft, with survival recipes.

To craft two gears, throw on the ground a piece of redstone on top of two iron ingots.

To craft a magma ingot, throw on the ground a block of magma and a coal (I suppose charcoal works too)

To craft a steam furnace, throw on the ground a furnace and a gear.

To craft an advanced furnace, throw on the ground a furnace and a magma ingot.

To craft an ultimate furnace, throw on the ground a furnace and a nether star.

To place the custom furnaces, throw them on an iron block.

The steam furnace will do smoke and fire sounds. It has no real interest.

The advanced furnace smells items faster and does not require fuel. Plus, you can smell iron and gold armour by throwing it on top of the furnace.

And finally, the ultimate furnace smells INSANELY fast and still does not require fuel. It will burn players and mobs in a two blocks radius, burn down wooden planks and turn the grass into dirt around, so do not place it in your house.

You can retrieve the custom furnaces in the same conditions as the normal furnaces (pickaxe or tnt and no creative)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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