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Hi there! My name is ThatOneGamer999!

This is a tutorial on how to use my improved beacon mechanics, inspired by SimplySarc.

Step 1:

Install the command.

Step 2:

Throw a dragon egg and a diamond block on the ground together to get a spawn egg.

Step 3: Place down the spawn egg, and it will generate a beacon. 

To add the effects, replace the beacon block with a different block:

Gold block: Sucks all mobs within a 64 block radius into the beacon and kills them.

Diamond Block: Creates a shield around your beacon (64 block radius)

Emerald Block: Harness the power of nature. Trees, crops, and grass grow quicker. (Increases randomTickSpeed)

Redstone Block: Gives everyone within a 64 block radius these effects: Speed, Haste, Strength, and Regeneration.  

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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