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Luna Is a Villager that has AMAZING trades! if u give her dirt she will give you 8 book and quills... if u give her 1 book & quill she will give you a Written          book,  if u give her 2 emeralds she will give you 6 Command Blocks! if u give her 1 command block she will  give you 64 Bottle's of Enchantment! if u give   her 1 command block you will get a mob spawner! if u give her another 1 command block u will get a furnace that stays on. if u give her ANOTHER                 command block (You need a lot of command blocks well 6 XD) u will get (this is my FAVE part...) a Map! (it is a magical map) the rest u find out!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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