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Hello! I sorta figured out a way to make exploding splash potions, and it works rather nicely. I take some credit for taking the time to research for hours, and assemble this after much trial and error of trying to get it to work, though I sorta frankensteined these together from a bunch of random commands.

What this does, is lets you throw a splash potion that explodes, breaking blocks. Theoretically, this should allow many different possible effects, if edited correctly, though you gotta be careful because I haven't tested this method of spawning an explosion from a thrown potion with any other effects besides summoning a fireball (Which doesn't make the fireball fly, by the way).

..Moving on..

The steps to set this up:
1. Give yourself a splash potion with the name of "Grenade" (the First command in the command box will work)
2. Setup a fast redstone clock. The faster the better. Connect the output to a command block with the Second command.
3. Put a comparator infront of the first command block (so it would output from the Command Block).
4. Put a Command Block infront of the comparator with the Third command, so the comparator would be inputting into the second Command Block.


Preferably, put this in the spawn chunk, so it is always loaded, and this would work from anywhere.
Also, this is a bit buggy, and if the potion is destroyed too soon, there wont be any explosion.
Also, if you use any other splash potions, they should work normally, UNLESS there is a exploding splash potion in the air, which may make both (or more) explode.
Yet still, if you are too close to the explosion, you might die, so if you are using this on survival/adventure, it may be a good idea to have some armor enchanted with
Blast Protection.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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