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(This is my first command, so don't expect something spectacular.)

Hello everybody!

I just made a gun command called M16A4 Grenadier! It's basically just a bow, but a super overpowered one.

It fires flame V arrows with punch V, and adds some awesome effects to your character.


-Can kill players and animals with one arrow (however, you'll need to fully pull the bow to achieve that.)

-If the victim has armor, it will still cause a lot of damage and set the victim on fire

-Great for both attacking, taking down enemy snipers and attacking

-Gives you 50 health when held


-Doesn't speed the player up

-Accuracy not improved

-Not ideal for close-range attacks (however, it will perform well on mid-range and long-range attacks.)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

Created: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 17:15:05, Updated: Sun, 21 May 2017 06:29:59, Views: 244

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