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So ever wanted to make enchantments over 255? Now you can! And with pretty short commands.. I will give an example in the command box by the way.

The format is : give @p <item> <amount> {display:{Name:<Name>,Lore: <Lore>},ench:[{id:<id>, lvl:<Level>}                    
By the way the items inside <> like <Name>, Remove the <> and type the thing inside for it so I would change it from <Name> to Pickaxe or something.

Next, What is the id? I won't leave until telling that, the id tells the enchantments I have a list of most of the enchants below:

0 Protection
1 Fire Protection
2 Feather Falling
3 Blast Protection
4 Projectile Protection
5 Respiration
6 Aqua Affinity
7 Thorns

34 Unbreaking


16 Sharpness
17 Smite
18 Bane Of Arthropods
19 Knockback
20 Fire Aspect
21 Looting

34 Unbreaking


32 Efficiency
33 Silk Touch
34 Unbreaking
35 Fortune


48 Power
49 Punch
50 Flame
51 Infinity

Fishing rod

61 Lure

62 Luck of the sea

So enter the number beside the enchant in <id>

Here is a efficiency pick I made with 1k efficiency, Please let me know if anything glitches, But I will not always be able to solve it.. I'm a beginner with commands and stuff.

Here is the command for the 1k efficiency pick:

If it doesn't work add a slash, If it still doesn't work let me know. I have not tested it.. But tell me if it works. I am working on figuring out my talent in Minecraft. I know its not

PvP,Redstone, Or Building. It might be commands :D. Also check out my youtube channel..


Read the description for info

Goodbyeee. Leave feedback.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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