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Hello everyone.

I bet i'm not the only one who think the vanilla enderdragon isn't a real boss.  It will be remade in 1.9 but for waiting I created a command module to make the fight harder.

With this module there will be two phases : the destruction of all the Crystals and the fight against the dragon. If you think it's like in normal minecraft, I can tell you that the first phase is now a real challenge and not just a formality

Destruction of all the Crystals :

When you enter the end each Ender Crystal will get a glass shield and will be defended by what I named an "Ender Eye". This eye act as a guardian but stay above his Crystal.

Please notice thaht you will also often get a mining fatigue effect exactly in the same way as if you were in an ocean monument. You will have to destroy the shield by the way you want : mine it directly (but the Eye will attack you), use a milk bucket to remove the mining fatigue, or use tnt (the most expensive but also the best). Keep in mind that the explosion of the Crystal can still damage you.

Fight against the dragon :

When all the Crystals have been destroyed, the enderdragon will heal himself and transform into "Nightmare Dragon". This transformation can take up to 30 seconds and is irreversible.

In this form the dragon will have more life than usual and his direct attacks inflict you blindness and wither effect. It can also push you in the airn sometimes with a fatal fall so try to prevent him to touch you.
The dragon also have 3 "special attacks" :
  • Summon pigmen : the dragon summon a lightning and two pigmen for each player in the end, they are agressives and have a better life and attack than a normal pigmen, this attack is more often than the two others
  • Fire deluge : before the attack the dragon emit three particular sounds and next a deeper growl than usual, after this up to 5 powerfull fire balls (one per second) fall on each player, prepare to run !
  • Dive-bomb : the dragon go under the end island and go back up next to a random player, he will destroy all blocks on his way, including those he doesn't destroy normally
In solo player the dragon use one special attack per minute. In multiplayer this time is reduce to 30

And next :

When the dragon has been defeated, if you have the dragon egg you can retry the challenge.
First build this structure :

Next put obsidian next to all blocks except in corners, like this :

Finaly drop (but don't place) the dragon egg on the Diamond block to respawn the dragon, the crystals and the eyes. This will consume the structure and the dragon egg.
Please note that you can have a lag spike when entering the end or restart the fight.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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