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This is a series of commands that i thought was pretty cool. This might be a useful tool for servers and perhaps maps if incorporated correctly, this is also the first time i've done this, if there's any problems you have with it, let me know ;D

What this command does is it targets a random player and gives them a prefilled chest with a series of different items.

The items are better and rarer the more the chest goes up, you will have to place down the chest to recieve the items, and so far, you need to paste separate commands for each different chest, which is something that I want to fix later on, but until then, you'll need five separate command blocks for each individual one.

Also, i wouldn't recommend using the last command for survival or factions servers, as it is pretty overpowered, and can go to anybody on the server, but it's up to you.

I hope you enjoy this command!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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