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As the title says this is the Survival Spawner in Minecraft VANILLA Minecraft.

Do you ever want to make mob farms but the mobs despawn every time you leave that chunk.Well here is you solution with the survival spawner one command.It will allow you to craft spawners and change the types of spawner.

It works with command blocks and you don't need to install any mod to play with it.

Downloads: (One Command Machines) All links open in a new window!

Get the Command: Click Here! 
Crafting Recipes: Click Here! 

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If you need any help on any of the following Catagories: Please Do not hesistate to contact support here: Click Here For Support!The support page is a little weird.But please just put in your email and name and I will get to you as soon as possible!You are not in the wrong website! **NOTE** Phone number is not required when opening a ticket!
Support Catagories:
- Setting up machine
- Info on what it does
- Bugs/glitches report
- Suggestions!


- Coming Soon...

What's new in 1.0 version?

- Fixed Up cow spawn egg problem
- Reworked some problems between crafting
- Fixed issues where some players crash
- Updated a few of the spawn egg crafting recipes
* Now with three brand new mobs that are not obtainable from the creative menu
- Wither has been added
- Iron Golem has been added
- Snow Golem has been added
- recipes added in for new mobs!
- Fixed a problem where lots of mobs don't spawn in a spawner

95% Complete

One Command, Redstone Device

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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