en 1.9 /give Potions

A really amazing OP Potion that:

1.Makes you slightly faster

2.Break blocks like you're in creative

3.Can kill anything and anyone in 1 hit (except people who drank this potion)

4.Makes you invincible! (except for /kill (yes , the void CAN'T kill you))

5.See in the dark like it's daytime.

6.Makes you see WAY better in the water (you are resistant to drowning also)

7.Increases your health (A LOT)

8.Completly fills your hunger bar

9.Makes you super lucky !

10.Lasts for 24 hours!

Contains 11 effects!

(NOTE: You will experience shaking or tremors. It will wear off eventually)


The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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