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Logan's First Secret Thing

When DanTDM has a bath i get to sneak up and break some of his bad things he does not need. I tiptoed and founded the old machine, it was broken. I tiptoed Back to my House and then put down the old machine and pressed the Apple button, it was the Power button. When i pressed it, but nothing happend! "Oh my Oh my! This old machine is so old, i will fix it with my... Super Machine Fixer!!!!!!!" So i pressed the Power button, then it started to shake the old machine and put some sparks on the top of the Super Machine Fixer, then it drilled down, builded the copy of it but fixed. It took 5 minutes to drill and copy! That took 10 minutes to fix it. So i gived backed the fixed machine and put it down at the very last desk! Then i disappeared back to my home. After 8 hours it was 9:10 AM, DanTDM woke up. But i was still asleep; when DanTDM pressed The apple! It worked, "WOW! IT WORKED! NOW I CAN BUILD ALL OF MY IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I WILL BUILD A HOTEL!" DanTDM screamed.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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