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Mob Powers In One Command adds 11 mob essences to use to gain special powers. This command Was made by me, Eaglespire15 if you see this command anywhere else that didn't give me credit please tell others so they know that it was made by me, thanks. Now on to the command!

When activated the machine gives you all of the mob essences so you do not need to craft them. To activate the power of a mob essence put it in the 9th or the most left slot in your hotbar. I will explain all the mob essences in detail now.

Please Report any bugs in the comments it would be very appreciated

Blaze Essence: Sets fire where you walk but gives you fire resistance.

Cow Essence: Will make you immune to Blindness, Weakness, Poison, Wither, and Slowness

Creeper Essence: Any creeper within a five block radius of you will be unable to explode.

Skeleton Essence: Will enchant any bow you hold with infinity one.

Zombie Pigman Essence: Gives you fire resistance.

Chicken Essence: Makes you take no fall damage.

Squid Essence: Gives you water breathing and will enchant any boots you hold with Depth Strider III if possible.

Rabbit Essence: Gives you jump boost 4 and makes you take no fall damage.

Enderman Essence: Gives you infinite enderpearls in your 8th hotbar slot. !WARNING! THIS WILL REPLACE ANY ITEM IN THE 8TH HOTBAR SLOT WITH ENDER PEARLS!!

Sheep Essence: Will occasionally give you wool when used.

Silverfish Essence: Will make you invisible when standing on stone or stone bricks.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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