Key Fob Repairs: A Simple Definition Car Key Fob Repairs Near Me

Modern car key fobs are easy and capable but they can be costly to replace when something goes wrong. Before you decide to purchase a new one, consider some simple fixes.

Dealerships are your best bet for replacing the key fob with modern features, such as those that control trunk release as well as remote engine start. A locksmith may be able perform the task for less.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the most frequent reasons for a keyfob not working. This is a situation that can easily happen anytime, and usually when you least expect it and need your vehicle to go to work. It's not difficult to fix a dead battery inside the key fob, but you'll need some basic understanding of the way these devices function and the tools required to open them.

A dead battery in a key fob can be difficult to diagnose since most modern key fobs don't have any kind of LED light that shows the moment they're activated. If you notice any issues or problems on your key fob it's the best method to determine if it's dead or low.

If you notice that your key fob is beginning to take longer and longer to lock or unlock This is a clear indication that the battery is dying. This can cause a delay in starting your car which is a major inconvenience.

You may also notice that your key fob has less range than it normally does. This indicates that the battery is beginning to degrade and is not sending a strong signal to your car's sensors.

Modern key fobs can release a physical lock if the remote is lost. The key is usually hidden somewhere within the fob, and you'll need to refer to the owner's manual to find specific details regarding how to locate it. If you own a vehicle with this feature, then you should always keep an additional key fob as well as the essential tool in the glove compartment or center console for emergencies.

You can replace the key fob battery yourself by following the directions found in your vehicle's owner's manual or on YouTube. The batteries are usually around $10 or less at big-box retailers, as well as online, so it shouldn't be too expensive to make this easy repair yourself. Install the new battery the same way as you removed the old one, or else it won't function properly.

Stuck Buttons

As with all electronic devices keys to cars eventually stop working. This is due to the natural build-up of dirt, oil and other toxins from our hands and from the environment. Luckily, most of the times this is a straightforward fix you can perform yourself. Most of the time, a little cleaning with ruby alcohol and a few clicks is all you need.

Make sure that your device is not plugged in. Clean the button and the surrounding area by dipping a cotton swab in ruby alcohol. Try to go as deep into the crevices as you can. After cleaning the buttons and the surrounding areas, give them some clicks to get rid of any dirt that has accumulated.

Then apply compressed air to get rid of any remaining gunk. Be careful not to blow any dirt into the key fob itself though. You can try using a small can of compressed air like the kind you use in cleaning products. This should be enough to free the stuck button.

If you've tried everything above but the buttons aren't working, it could be time to contact the professionals. Fortunately, many Mister Minit stores have the special equipment required to cut and program replacement car key fobs. You will need to know the year and make of your car. This information will help you determine the type transponder chip in your key.

You can ask an AutoZone associate to fix it for you if you don't feel confident doing it yourself. To program the new key, they'll need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle. This process is quick and simple. It's great if need to purchase a car key fob last moment.


Many people have a hard getting their car keys reprogrammed fobs by themselves. This is due to the fact that the different vehicles have different programming sequences. Certain models require specialized equipment for access and entry, whereas others require button presses and key-cylinder cycles to complete.

A locksmith is the ideal person to contact to reprogram the car keyfob. A locksmith can assist you with replacement parts, key cutting services, and programming to get your keys working efficiently and accurately. This saves you the cost and time of buying and reprogramming a whole new set of key fobs.

Check the batteries before you attempt to reprogram the key fob. If the battery is depleted replacing it can increase your chances of success. It is also recommended to consider keeping an extra key fob in hand just in case.

You should also have a spare keyfob along with all the tools you need. These tools include a screwdriver as well as a pair tweezers, needle-nosed pliers or tweezers as well as keys. The tools will allow you to access the internal circuit board and remove the fob from the casing without damaging the board or making it unusable.

After you've collected all your tools, it's now time to begin the reprogramming process. It's best to get into the vehicle from the driver's seat, and closing all doors, excluding the driver's. Close all other electronic keys you want to program. Press the lock button multiple times on the desired keyfob. This will cause a "lock sound" and indicate that you've entered programming mode. Press the lock button a second time within five minutes and you'll be done with the reprogramming process.

The steps in this article will be applicable to the majority of automobiles. However, there are certain that will require a more thorough understanding of your car's onboard computer. If you have a vehicle manufactured after 2010 or by a luxury manufacturer, the procedure is more complicated and requires the use of specialized hardware.


If your car's key fob won't turn on or unlock your vehicle it could be time to replace it. A new key fob can be costly however it's the best and most secure option if the old one isn't working.

You can find replacement keys fobs at most hardware and car parts stores, shops, and even big-box retailers. They are also available through online stores or in specialty auto stores. If you're looking to save money, though you could try opening the fob by yourself and then replacing the battery yourself. A small flat-bladed screwscrew is usually all you need to pry the casing of the fob open and replace the battery. After that, you can put the fob back together and test the buttons to make sure they're working properly.

It's essential to have a spare key fob for your vehicle, as it can be a pain when yours stops working. Luckily, most times when your car key fob doesn't work it's not due to a serious issue and can be resolved by replacing the battery or by reprogramming it. In some cases, however, the fob may need to be replaced completely.

Keep your key fob clean. Over time, dust can accumulate inside a car remote of the key fob and clog the circuitry. This could cause a button to become stuck or stop responding to signals sent by your vehicle's keys.

Some fobs can be cleaned by water or an ordinary cleaner. It's recommended to leave the cleaning of the car key fob to experts who specialize in these types of repairs. If you're unsure then you can refer to your owner's manual or the Internet for guidelines on how to clean your key fob.

If you've lost your key fob and are unable to locate it, you may have to contact your dealer to get an extra key programmed. is because certain dealerships for cars have special machines that can reprogram the chip in the key fob after it has been replaced. While this can be costly, it's the only option to get you back on the road.

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