At the moment just now, the middle-aged man rushed to him without the slightest fear and died in the extreme, but at the moment of his death, a trace of mourning was felt by Wang Lin. Wang Lin was silent for a long time, he did not take out the soul of this person, although, if this soul is sacrificed, it will become a superior devil. He did not think that even the rattan family, there are such affectionate and righteous people, but this person must die, because he should not be born in the rattan family! A hundred miles away, the meteor fell to the ground, Teng San's body had no scars, his eyes were open but not closed, his mouth and nose were breathing, and his vitality was gone. In his hand, the flying sword named Mourning Rhyme, after flashing its last light, broke inch by inch. Teng Jiacheng. Teng Huayuan was on the top floor of his ancestral home, staring at a row of jade slips in front of him. There were nine jade slips in total, five of which were already broken. While Teng Huayuan was watching, the jade slips representing Teng San made a "click" sound, and one was broken into two. Teng Huayuan's body trembled, his figure suddenly aged a lot, he trembled and stretched out his hand, touched the broken jade slips one by one, and finally stopped on Teng San's jade slips, with tears in his eyes that he had never had in four hundred years. Haier.. Teng Huayuan murmured a call. Teng Hai is the real name of Teng San. The nine core clansmen of the Rattan family, while inheriting their respective titles,dap diammonium phosphate, will leave a trace of soul in the special jade slips in the ancestral home. In a short period of two days, these jade slips will be broken one by one. Each broken piece will hurt Rattan Huayuan's heart. Especially Teng Wu, he is almost Teng Huayuan personally witnessed the death process, this kind of obviously ten feet away, but close to the end of the world feeling, even Teng Huayuan that hard as iron heart, also can not help but pain up. Teng Wu, in appearance, besides Teng Yi, is the most similar person to Teng Li in those years. It is precisely because of this that he is loved by Teng Huayuan. Teng Jiu's bitter childhood caused his distorted character, and it was because of this that he went on the road of extreme cultivation and overdrawn his life. Teng Hua yuan has already prepared the best elixir for him,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but unfortunately, now this elixir is no longer needed. Rattan eight, rattan six, rattan four, also have status in Rattan Huayuan's mind, but compared with them, the weight of rattan three is the heaviest. Teng San, Teng Huayuan once thought it was a disgrace to the whole Teng family. As a core disciple, he did not seek to practice, but was infatuated with a mortal woman. For this reason, he forcibly intervened, broke up the two, and let the merciless years take away the woman's life. Teng Huayuan knows that Teng San hates him! However, this does not affect Teng Huayuan's love for Teng San, an alternative member of the Teng family, and even, for what happened in those years, he felt some regret in his heart, but this regret, no longer has a root, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, because Teng San has already died! The fifth volume of wind and clouds Chapter 241 Wang Zhuo Chapter 241 Wang Zhuo. Wang Lin's soul-swallowing, after killing the six core clansmen of the rattan family, did not continue to kill, but returned to the body at the fastest speed. In the place where the body was stored, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. He was a little silent. At the moment when he killed the middle-aged man, he saw a figure that shocked his heart. If he is right, this person is Wang Zhuo. The woman beside Wang Zhuo was the daughter of the middle-aged man. She was with Wang Zhuo, and they obviously had a certain relationship. Wang Lin's eyes flashed, and he put away the forbidden banner and the ancient mirror, and took back the devil's head. Then with a pile at his feet, his body flew up and stepped on the mosquito beast. When the divine consciousness swept, he immediately found the woman who was with Wang Zhuo. The woman was not walking in the direction of Fujiacheng, but toward the border of a neighboring country. Wang Lin hesitated for a moment and ran after him. Teng Xiuxiu eyes show the color of sadness, although she ran, but tears are unable to stop the flow, her father's fate she did not know, but her heart is a kind of foreboding, this feeling pressure in her heart, almost let her breathless. Wang Zhuo heart complex color is thicker, he saw the rattan family people died one by one, although the heart is very refreshing, but at this moment, he did not know why, not only did not feel refreshing, but there is a kind of deep anxiety. Wang Zhuo's body shook, stopped, closed his eyes, and his mind echoed with the scene of the whole clan being killed by Teng Huayuan. Teng Xiuxiu saw Wang Zhuo stop, hurriedly also stopped, biting the lower lip, looking at Wang Zhuo, she can only rely on now, only this man, her husband. A little later, Wang Zhuo opened his eyes and slapped himself hard. He wanted to wake himself up completely. He reminded himself again and again in his heart that Teng Jia was an enemy. Even Teng Xiuxiu, he had no feelings for her. As long as you are a member of the Rattan family, you should die! Teng Xiuxiu hurriedly came forward to stop Wang Zhuo, tears can not stop the flow. Wang Zhuo forced himself to harden his heart, threw his arm, threw Teng Xiuxiu's hand aside, and said coldly: "You go, from now on, you and I have no relationship." Teng Xiuxiu eyes show the color of despair, staring at Wang Zhuo, even teeth to bite the lower lip blood also did not notice, she like tears, came forward to grab Wang Zhuo's hand. However, Wang Zhuo once again got out of the way and said coldly, "You're not going, are you?"? I'll go! With these words, he turned and flew slowly in the opposite direction. Teng Xiuxiu stared blankly at Wang Zhuo's back. The color of despair in her eyes became more and more intense. Her heart, like a knife cut, stung. Under the pain, her face rose morbid ruddy, spurting a mouthful of blood. The whole person shook a few times, pale and steady. In fact, at the moment when Wang Zhuo turned around, his heart was as painful as being torn apart. However, the scenes of death of his people made him have no choice at all. At this moment, the pain in Wang Zhuo's heart was absolutely no less than that of Teng Xiuxiu. Teng Xiuxiu smiled sadly. She looked at Wang Zhuo and called softly, "Don't go.." Wang Zhuo's body trembled. He clenched his fist, turned around and shouted at Teng Xiuxiu, "Get out!" With that, he galloped away and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. Teng Xiuxiu's mouth again shed blood,Magnesium Oxide price, she took a deep look at the direction of Wang Zhuo's disappearance, turned around with a sad smile, eyes showing a blank color.

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