"I'm afraid you'll fall." Zhao Desan looked back and smiled calmly. He felt a little strange. Why was it so quiet in the mine? The coal mining machine was also stopped. Even an empty man could not be seen. So he asked her: "Su Jing, why is there no worker in the mine?" Although Su Jing had never been down the well, she knew that every time the coal mine came for inspection, it would stop work for fear of being found to have safety problems. As long as there were no workers underground and the machine was not running, it would be difficult to find out the potential safety hazards. She explained: "It's not to cope with the inspection. I'm afraid of finding out the problems. Once the machine stops and the workers withdraw, I can't find out any problems." "Oh, like this." Zhao Desan seemed to understand the nod, has been holding her silky little hand came to the working face, only to have some light, but also reluctant to let go of Su Jing's hand. Su Jing is a girl with a boyfriend, to a safe place, intentionally pulled back his hand, Zhao Desan then pretended to suddenly understand the release of her hand. Su Jing looked around at the mining face and the parked coal mining machinery and asked him, "Zhao Desan, do you think there is anything wrong?" Zhao Desan pretended to look at it, but he was very sharp-eyed and found a broken piece of cable on the ground. He pointed to it and asked, "Su Jing, this piece of cable has fallen off, should it leak electricity?"? Is this a security risk? Volume 1 Chapter 123 Zhao Desan,aluminium edge trim, be gentle (2) Su Jing looked in the direction he pointed to. Sure enough, she saw a section of cable with a bare copper core. She really admired this guy secretly and said, "Of course, forget it. If someone touches it carelessly, such a thick cable will be electrocuted even if it is not dead." "I'll have to report to Section Chief Song when I go up later." Zhao De asked three times. I'm sure. If you find a problem, you have to raise it. Su Jing said that she looked at other places carefully and asked Zhao Desan: "Have you found any other hidden dangers?" Zhao Desan shook his head: "No." Su Jing said, "Let's go up. There is no one at the bottom of the well. It's very gloomy." Seeing that she was afraid, Zhao Desan had a brainwave and asked with a ghost smile,stainless steel tile edge trim, "Su Jing, do you think there has been an accident under the well?"? Like someone who died or something? As soon as Zhao Desan said this, Su Jing felt a little gloomy in her heart. She looked at him with complaint and said, "Don't say this. It's just the two of us. It's already very gloomy. You still say this." Zhao Desan laughed and said, "What are you afraid of? I'm still here. You're not alone." Then he approached Su Jing mysteriously and raised his eyebrows and whispered, "Su Jing, do you believe that there are ghosts in this world?" Su Jing was asked by him a little scalp tingling, creepy, impatient glance at him, ignore him, directly along the original road back. So Zhao Desan went even further and followed her quietly for a while. Suddenly, he said out of the blue, "Su Jing, china tile trim ,aluminum tile trim, what do you see ahead?" Su Jing was so frightened by his cold words that she turned around and threw herself on him, buried her head in his arms, trembling, holding him tightly in her arms, feeling her back shivering. Zhao Desan took advantage of the situation and once again put his arms around her fragrant shoulder, feeling the faint fragrance of a woman on her body, which was really refreshing, like a stream of ecstasy blowing in the air, which made him feel fascinated and physically and mentally restless, and the hand holding her fragrant shoulder slowly slid up her back, gently moved down, and moved all the way to her slender waist. Pretended to be a good man again: "Su Jing, it's all right. It's nothing. I was wrong. It's just a work suit hanging on the shearer. Look, you're scared." Only then did Su Jing stick her head out of his arms. She turned her face timidly and looked at it carefully. She found that there was nothing in front of her. She turned her face back and looked up, complaining to him: "Zhao Desan, what are you doing?"! You scared the shit out of me! I don't know. I'm a coward. I'm not afraid. I'm here. What are you afraid of. "Zhao Desan showed his man's majesty in front of her, his hand was still on her waist and he didn't want to take it off, but Su Jing felt that his hand was still on his waist, and he looked at him with a strange look when he put his little hand on his back and gently pushed it aside, and his eyes were a little blurred, and a trace of mature woman-like charm appeared on the doll-like face." "Let's go, let's go up. Section Chief Song is probably impatient to wait up there." After feeling the temperature and softness of Su Jing's body in the mine, Zhao Desan felt it necessary to find a chance to take off her clothes and feel Su Jing's body temperature, but he didn't know when he would find the chance. However, after working in the Bureau for half a year and dealing with so many women, even if Su Jing had a boyfriend, he was confident to take her down. Sitting on the cable car on the well, Zhao Desan looked at Su Jing's eyes a little leering, which made Su Jing very flustered. Although the little girl had a boyfriend, she went to graduate school in the field and spent less time together and more time apart in a year. In the face of the handsome man's hot eyes, although she resisted in her heart, she was also bewitched by the lonely heart bit by bit. When Su Jing came up from the well, she was a little flustered. She didn't say a word to Zhao Desan. Instead, she made Zhao Desan feel that the probability of going to her was very high. She secretly thought that before long, she would let the doll-like girl lie under her body and moan heartily. At the entrance, as soon as he came out of the cable car, Song Jihong deliberately asked Zhao Desan: "Xiao Zhao, did you find any hidden dangers in safety when you went underground?" Last night, the benefits of the mine owner were received on the wine table. Zhao Desan understood the truth of taking people's money to eliminate disasters for others. He said, "There's no problem. It's stopped below. I haven't found any potential safety hazards yet." Su Jing did not know what was going on. She took one look at Zhao Desan and said, "Isn't there a cable without a foreskin?" In a hurry, she reduced the wrapped skin to "foreskin" and blurted out, and several men burst out laughing. Only then did Su Jing realize that she had said the wrong thing in a hurry. Her little face was flushed with shame. She hung her head shyly and really wanted to find a crack in the ground. Zhao Desan pretended to be a good man to help her resolve the embarrassment when she was shy. She said, "Oh,stainless tile trim, yes, the skin of a section of cable fell off, revealing the copper core. There is nothing else." 。 jecatrims.com

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