15 Things You're Not Sure Of About Sectional Sofa With Chaise Buying a Sectional Sofa With Chaise

When looking for a sectional that has a chaise, there are a lot of things to consider. We asked the Good Housekeeping Institute for tips for making this crucial furniture purchase.

First, you must determine the seating capacity and size that best fits your space. For instance, if are looking to accommodate a couple of people comfortably, consider an L-shaped option with two or more chaises.


Sectionals are often thought of as bulky, clunky furnishings, but that's not always the case. The latest models that are available at online furniture stores are designed to fit in rooms that are small and large and can accommodate multiple people. They're great for large families and those who have a lot of gatherings However, they also work well in cozy living spaces. Some convert into sleeper couches to accommodate overnight guests.

Choose a fabric that is soft to the touch. This will make your sectional sofa the most relaxing place to relax. Add throw pillows, a blanket or two, and a fashionable lamp to your sectional sofa. Sofas And Couches 'll be ready for movie nights or long afternoons of reading.

There are plenty of cheap leather options and performance fabrics that resist stains and rips. These are great for families with children and pets. They're available at retailers like West Elm and Apt2B.

No matter what your budget is, you can get the comfort you desire by opting for a modular sectional sofa that has a chaise. The pieces can be set up to suit your seating needs and space. Some even have storage spaces in which you can keep blankets and other items.

If you're on a tight budget, think about this chaise and sofa from Bassett Furniture. The sleek design has a 97-inch sofa and chaise with a reversible chair that can be placed on either side. The plush arm and seat cushions invite you to relax after a long, hard day.

A chaise sectional is a great place to relax after a long, hard day. However it's not as comfy as traditional sofas. This is because a chaise does not have a back, so it doesn't offer the same level of support to your spine.

Find a chaise sectional with an open back to get the most out of it. You'll also want to be sure the floor is large enough to allow everyone to be able to sit comfortably without bumping into each other. For this reason, many people prefer an ottoman sofa in a space that is mostly used for relaxing and entertaining.


A chaise sectional sofa is an elegant, cozy accent to your living space. You'll also find a broad selection of options for upholstery from budget-friendly to expensive. The most important thing is to determine what style suits your home best. Think about the dimensions, layout and color of your space and also how many seats you'll need to accommodate and whether or not you'd like to add a sleeper. You can also sketch the exact dimensions of the couch on the floor using a pencil and some tape to determine if it fits and if it's going to interfere with traffic flow.

Chaise sectionals can be found in a variety of styles. They range from the two-piece style which is ideal for small spaces and the four-piece version. Some have an open end where the seat and chaise are connected, whereas others have a separate seat in the corner. They are connected to the chaise via an extended arm on one side. You'll also find a choice of fabrics ranging from durable performance to luxurious leather. The fabric you choose will determine how comfortable the sofa will feel, and whether or not it's easy to clean.

If you're looking for a modern approach to traditional styling, a gray tweed chaise sectional is the way to go. The symmetrical design includes two loveseats and a chaise with rounded seating to frame your living space and keep movie night cozy. The dowel leg base with a low profile frames the wood frame manufactured modern, sleek design. The foam and coil seat cushions are soft and durable. Rounded arms and nailhead trim are a perfect match for the neutral color of the sofa and the chaise has storage under the seat for additional convenience. Two pillows for toss and an ottoman for storage are included for additional comfort and style.

This sectional with an oversized right-hand chaise is ideal for a casual, stylish approach to lounging. This sectional is modular and comes with six components, comprising a corner seat, two armless chairs and two ottomans. It is shipped fully assembled, complete with all the interlocking hardware and instructions for assembly. The chaise has under-seat cupholders for movie nights, and the soft fabric is easy-to-clean.


If you're struggling with a limited amount of space for your living space furniture You can find the perfect solution in a sectional sofa equipped with chaise. Chaise sectionals meld the benefits of both sofas and lounge chairs into a stylish piece of furniture. A chaise sectional, whether you use it as an area divider or provide seating for your guests it can be a great final touch to any room.

While sofas are able to sit in a group while chaises allow you to spread out. Most people prefer sectionals with both a couch and chaise, such as the Envelop by Bassett Furniture. The combination of two pieces gives you the best of both options, allowing you relax on the chaise while watching your favourite TV show in complete luxury.

A sectional with a reclined chaise can also be used as a room separator when placed close to the large window. This lets you divide the living area from the kitchen in an open-plan home, and still give everyone the opportunity to sit. If you have a rug that extends beyond the borders of your sectional, it can help define these different areas.

It is also important to consider the shape and layout of a sectional which includes a chaise. There are a variety of options available that range from two-piece designs to a more extensive U-shape. You can also find an reclining sectional that has a chaise, like the Collins from La-Z-Boy.

After you've narrowed your choices down, consider who will use the sofa. If you plan to entertain guests, a couch with a chaise can foster closeness between family members. It's a great option to create a informal, intimate setting where you can relax and enjoy a conversation with your spouse. If your family members enjoy watching movies together, a recliner couch with a chaise will offer enough seating for everyone. You could also consider modular sofas that allow you to alter the configuration at any time. This is particularly useful in case you're worried about your sectional getting too big for your living space.


A sectional can appear just as elegant and unique as a traditional sofa. The best sectionals come in a range of styles from shape to color. Choose modular pieces that include ottomans and seats, which can be easily rearranged. Or choose an L-shaped sectional that can be placed against a wall to conserve space.

There are many chaise sectionals, each with a different seating experience. The simplest is a two-seat chaise sectional that provides ample space to relax or relax. If you are looking for more space, you can opt for an U-shaped sofa sectional to provide more seating. You can also unwind with a group of friends.

Some sectionals have added functionality as sofa beds. These sectionals come with an additional bed that can be folded out of a corner, usually the size is double or queen. Sleep kits are available to convert these sections into bedrooms for guests staying overnight. They are typically available with chaise sectionals.

It's important that you measure your space accurately, regardless of the size or configuration you choose. This will ensure you will be able to adapt your new sectional. This will ensure you don't get "pinch points" where there is not enough space between the sofa and another object, like a fireplace mantel or entertainment center.

Fabric is another aspect to consider when selecting the right sectional. It can affect the appearance and feel of your sectional at home. There are more eco-friendly, family-friendly performance fabrics available than ever before. These fabrics are made from strong fibers that resist stains and fade. They are also resistant to heavy wear and tear. These fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that complements your decor.

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