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If you're in search of a robot vacuum and mop with easy setup and maintenance, we recommend buying one that has a an easy base station. This allows you to wash or replace cleaning pads, as well as empty and clean the soiled water tank.

Consider a model with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can map your home and set up automated/set timers. You can also make use of features like mop/vacuum switch.

1. Roborock S7 Max Ultra

This powerful robot mop and vacuum is a true powerhouse. It cleans floors, recognizes rugs and automatically empties its own dustbin and water tanks. It has a powerful suction and even dispensing detergent. All this is available with a price tag of $1200. It's the most expensive robot vacuum and mop set I've ever reviewed.

The S7 Max Ultra is easy to install right out from the box. Once you plug it into the wall, it prompts you to identify your home with sensors and will use this information to stay clear of obstacles. In our tests it did not get stuck on power cords, long curtains, and even dog toys. It's not perfect, however, and sometimes ran into obstacles such as tangled wires or the odd toy or book.

The S7 Max Ultra can be controlled via its smartphone app. This is where you can find all of the advanced features which set it apart from other robot vacuums and mop machines. There are also specific room mopping and cleaning settings along with a planner for scheduling and power strength options for mopping and vacuuming. You can also integrate the S7 Max Ultra with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to create a smart home. The extensive features set means the S7 Max Ultra can do almost anything a standard robot vacuum does but at less than half the price.

The S7 Max Ultra's vacuuming is impressive and it did a very excellent job of removing dirt, pet hair, and other particles on carpet and hard floors. The automatic emptying of the dustbin was flawless during our tests. This was and reassuring. It also boasts 5100 Pa HyperForce power which is significantly greater than the 2,500Pa of the S6MaxV and S7.

The S7 Max Ultra mopping performance was also satisfactory, but not the most efficient. It utilized a special microfiber mop pad that sucks up liquids and employs sonic vibrating technology to scrub floors up to 3,000 times per minute, which was a bit faster than the X1 Omni's circular pads that rotate at 180 revolutions per minute. The S7 Max Ultra’s ReactiveAI 2.0 obstruction recognition system is very good. During our testing it didn't get stuck on any objects, and it stayed clear of power cords long curtains, power cords and other obstacles that could be in the way 100% of the time.

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Cleaning your floors and vacuuming is a chore that everyone dreads but is essential to maintain a clean home. It's a messy, often stinky job that can be difficult to finish, since it requires dustbins, dirty water, and the necessity to ensure that hair or debris doesn't clog the traps or brushes. Robots that mop and vacuum are now very popular. However, a lot of these devices still require you to manually empty the dust bin and wash and wash the mop pads. This can be a pain particularly if you have to do it several times during the cleaning process or after every cleaning session. We're glad to see that a lot of companies are introducing self-emptying robots that make the entire process easier and less stressful.

The Narwal Freo, the newest version of the robotic cleaners is equipped with a variety of enhancements to software, sensors and hardware designed to keep it on the leading edge. This includes the patent-pending DirtSense technology as well as the Smart-Swing feature, which both assist in detecting the area being cleaned and automatically adjusts the cleaning mode depending on the kind of floor it's. The Freo also monitors the level of dirtiness and automatically cleans its mops once they are full, which improves the efficiency of subsequent cleaning sessions by preventing returning to areas with stains.

Another great improvement that the Freo has over its predecessor is the capacity to direct it's operation via an LCD touchscreen on its base station, in addition to using the smartphone app. This is the first robot vacuum and mop that has this feature. It's a great feature for those who don't wish to use the app. You can even alter the route during the session using the LCD screen controls.

The Narwal Freo also does a good job of keeping its noise level lower when it's working, coming in at only 63dB when it is in suction mode. Despite this, maintenance for the Freo isn't entirely hands-free since you will need to periodically clean different components such as the main brush roll and side brushes.

3. Ecovacs Deebot t9+

The Ecovacs Deebot T9+ is available at The Good Guys (for $1279) and is one of the most advanced self-emptying robot mop and vacuum sets. It can map out your home, vacuuming and mopping, while also spotting and avoid obstacles. It can even spout an air freshener.

It's easy to set up, utilizing the app to create an accurate map of your home, which it utilizes to clean. The app lets you select specific rooms or areas to be cleaned. You can also choose the time you would like to begin cleaning to ensure that your floors are cleaned while you're asleep or away.

In our tests in our tests, we observed the T9+ to be exceptionally adept in navigating around obstacles. However, it has the tendency to take slightly erratic routes around the house, which usually meant it ended returning to the exact location it had begun cleaning a few minutes earlier. This wasn't a lot of times, but it was enough to be noticed and is worth taking note of.

The T9+ comes with a variety of accessories, including the robotic cleaner as well as a docking station and an auto-empty station. The mopping unit and an additional dust bin are available separately.

Its upgraded navigation systems as well as obstacle detection are designed to guarantee a clean clean of your home without interruptions. The updated 3D detection and obstacle avoidance technology recognizes objects with high-precision resolutions to strategically avoid collision, entanglements or disruptions.

The Deebot T9+ can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously. Your floor will look as good as it did when you first purchased it. The disposable mopping pads are simple to put on, and the microfiber cloth efficiently absorbs dust, seals away stains, and doesn't leave any residue. The large capacity 2.5L auto-empty station is able to hold up to 30 days of debris and does not leaking, making it easy to keep your home neat with little effort. The T9+ has an upgraded 3000Pa motor that delivers powerful suction for an efficient cleaning.

4. iRobot Combo j7+

The iRobot Combo j7+ is an excellent robot for cleaning floors. It is a vacuum cleaner and mop in one. It has excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance. It can map your home and clean areas, without hitting furniture or walls. It's also easy to make use of the app to define zones for areas that must be cleaned or ones that you would like to avoid and create specific no-mop or no-sweep limits.

IRobot's iAdapt 2.0 technology is a big element of what makes the Combo j7+ so smart. This is a front camera which is located on top of most of its robots to identify dangers, such as power cords or pet waste and then avoid them. iAdapt 2.0 also allows the Combo J7+ robot to determine dirt levels and concentrate more specifically on areas of dirt.

When the Combo j7+ senses that it's on a surface that requires mopping, a little robot arm equipped with mop pads lifts from beneath the vacuum. Then, it mops the floor until the mopping pad is dry, which takes about 90 minutes.

The Combo J7+ is able to detect carpeting too, which is great for homes with carpeting and rugs. It won't attempt to push through the rug, however it will rather back away if it feels it isn't able to cross the area without damaging itself or the carpet.

I was able to control the Combo J7+ through the mobile application, which is intuitive and well designed. It also works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can tell it to start a cleaning run by voice. The only issue I encountered was that the Combo j7+'s small water tank means you have to refill it often, or else limit its mopping to smaller areas, and run it in eco-mode more often.

Another drawback is that the Combo J7+'s dust bin is tiny and you must empty it manually. The Combo j7+ mop pads are also less efficient than other brands. This is a shame, because this robot is otherwise excellent.

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