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Twilight Princess is the darkest, most serious and most serious Nintendo 3D Zelda game. It pushes the visual presentation of the Wii to the limits of. It's more unnerving and murky than The Wind Waker, with no bug-eyed pig guards, or even effeminate pirates.

Link is pulled into a parallel dimension known as Twilight Realm, where he takes the form of an Hylian and a wolf, while being guided by Midna.


The thirteenth installment of The Legend of Zelda is Twilight Princess. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii systems in 2006. The game was praised by critics and received top scores from a variety of publications, including 1UP, CVG, EGM and GamesRadar. Many consider it to be the most enjoyable game in the series and the most popular Zelda game on the PAL market.

Twilight Princess has a stylized, naturalistic graphics style similar to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, but with a more sophisticated graphics engine. It's the first game in the series to feature the full directional control system, instead of having a fixed perspective like previous games. This modification was made to accommodate the Wii console's point-based interface. The GameCube version comes with a section at the back of the game, with mirror-image maps, for those who prefer a fixed view.

After entering the Twilight Realm, Link is transformed into a wolf and meets Midna, the mysterious creature. She informs Link that the kingdom of Hyrule is being taken by a group of shadow creatures led by the evil sorcerer Zant. She also explains that she's the true ruler of Twili however, she was supplanted and cursed into her present form by Zant.

When Link and Midna arrive at Hyrule Castle, a short cut scene shows the soldiers there being killed by the shadow beasts. Link and Midna then escape from the castle by an entrance tunnel to enter the Twilight Realm.

In the Twilight Realm, Link can use his wolf form to move more freely in the world. Link can also use his senses to navigate around the world. For instance, he could detect the spirits of deceased soldiers and other animals in the distance. He can also whistle and pull grass from specific patches to summon an animal, such as a Hawk, Epona or other. Or, Link can howl near these patches to summon the same animal.

Like previous Zelda games music plays a major role in Twilight Princess. Link can play an instrument of music, such as the harp or flute to draw and summon animals. He can also use his voice to command the wolf's form. In addition, he can use his compass to guide him through the world and keep him from getting lost.


The Legend of Zelda series is full of colorful characters that leave an unforgettable impression on players. From hands emerging from toilets to pirate sailors traveling across vast oceans these wacky and unique characters are the core of the game. Twilight Princess continues in the tradition of previous games, and introduces many memorable characters.

Link is introduced to new NPCs throughout the story, who are not just interesting, but also credible. It is a huge step towards the right direction that many of these NPCs actually play a part in the story, rather than just acting as victims. NPCs like Rusl who explains how the forest is becoming more dangerous and kidnaps children, or Ordon villagers who sneak around as wolves when children are kidnapped They all have distinct personalities that seem genuine.

Other notable characters include Iza who manages the Boat Rental Caf in Lanayru Province and Iza's rapid ride, Louise Telma’s cat, who assists Wolf Link find a secret passageway into the castle through her bar and sewer system, and Faron whose spirit is the one who guides Link to the Forest Temple in Eldin Province. The two team members defeat the Fused Shadow possessed by Diababa and receives the first Tear of Light.

Midna, the princess of the Twilight Realm, is also one of the most intriguing characters in the game. She is able to switch between wolf and human forms and possesses a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom. She accosts Link and informs him of her adventures in the twilight realm and how she defeated Zant the King of Twilight.

Zant who holds the other part of the Triforce of Wisdom, is a wicked sorcerer, ruler of the Twilight Realm. He was banished to the Twilight Realm by the goddesses for stealing their land and enslaving the people. Midna dispels Zant's power, permitting him to transform into his human form whenever needed.

The game also features an improved horse called Epona, which is riding in Hylian and wolf versions. Link can whistle near specific grass patches to summon the animal. ( Holmes Trail to Majora's Mask). Twilight Princess is the first game in the series where players can identify their horse.


Music is an important part of any Zelda game. It can make a game appear vast as well as expansive and thrilling. However, Twilight Princess is criticized for having an inconsistent and sporadic soundtrack that doesn't capture the emotional impact of certain moments. Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask and other games have captivating compositions that explode at the right moment to create a feeling of majestic and eerie.

Twilight Princess was composed by Asuka Ohta and Toru Minegishi. Koji Kondo, the series' composer for the first since Wind Waker was responsible for overseeing the composers. The soundtrack for Twilight Princess is a radical departure from the typical approach to the show, with a the minimalist approach to music and arrangements. The majority of dungeon and field themes begin with one instrument, creating an eerie and eerie atmosphere for the player. For instance, the haunting music in Midna's lament uses the piano to create an overflowing feeling of sadness for the player.

Dungeon themes are among the most well-known examples of this trend towards minimalism, with many themes featuring a dull and ominous atmosphere. This style is evident in the Twilight Realm theme, which has a sonic landscape that would fit in the soundtrack to a David Lynch film. The dark and unsettling quality of the track is amplified by the absence of identifiable melodies and traditional arrangement, with dreary drones and bizarre patterns interspersed to create a bleak texture.

Link's home-town song, "Faron Woods," is a more upbeat and joyful track. This song employs a variety of strings and soft sounds to create a calm and safe feeling for the player. The song contains subtle references to the most famous scene in the franchise, because it has a melody that is reminiscent of the iconic melody that plays at Ocarina of Time's beginning.

Twilight Princess also has dynamic songs that change based on the player's location, the activity they're doing and what's taking place. Hyrule Castle Town has different versions of the theme for each area of the town. Central Square, for example, has a more boisterous version. These variations add a nice addition to the world of Hyrule, adding a sense deepness and immersion.


Link's goal in Twilight Princess is to save Hyrule from the corrupted world known as the Twilight Realm. To achieve this, Link takes on the form of an Hylian and the form of a Wolf and is aided by a woman named Midna.

Midna is the original ruler of the Twili however she was usurped by Zant and cursed into her imp form. Link and Midna are informed by the Sages of the Old Testament that only by defeating Ganondorf will be in a position to release them from their curse. The Sages reveal that the Mirror of Twilight is the source of the darkness in the Twilight Realm. Midna and Link travel to the Spirit's Spring where they encounter predatory creatures that kidnap children. Wolf Link's keen nose helps them track the children's scent to a nearby bridge that they cross over into the Twilight Realm.

They enter the Forest Temple, battle Diababa and obtain the first Fused Shadow. Faron informs them of the next destination, the Eldin Province in the west (Wii) or the east (GCN).

Midna at the Lakebed Temple of Lanayru teleports Link to a fiery rock and then uses her powers on the ice beneath Lake Hylia. The spirit of the recently deceased Zora Queen, Rutela, then appears and tells Link that he has to visit the Lakebed Temple in order to access a treasure of the Zora.

Returning from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask The horse Epona is able to be ridden in Twilight Princess. Link can choose the name of the horse, unlike the predetermined names in the previous games.

After arriving in the Twilight Realm, Midna and Link take back the remaining Mirror Shards. The Sages inform Midna that she is the real ruler of the Twili. She was passed over for the monarchy, and was turned into a power-hungry god. The Sages also inform them that the only way to defeat Ganondorf is to bring him into the light and break the pact between the Twilight and Hyrule kingdoms.

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