The first and most important thing is that Public Folders are natively a part of Microsoft Exchange. This means that Outlook users can enjoy an intuitive and natural experience when working with Public Folders. Public Folders are displayed as folders within Outlook. They appear as folders in Outlook view and are handled the same way as every other folder type. Public Folders' feature Public Folders means that users don't have to quit Outlook to access shared information and can drag and drop items into or out of Public Folders. Users can copy and move data from other folders within the Outlook experience, for example, to or from PST folders, to/from their mailbox and even shared mailboxes.

Another advantage is that data stored within Public Folders immediately gets the benefit that comes from an Exchange implementation, such as backups of data and data security and high availability. Users do not need to worry about losing data or backups of data they keep and work with inside Public Folders. The administrators on the back end have put in place the necessary features, which they usually do. The user's regular Outlook access provides further remote access to this information. If a user is travelling and allowed to access their mailbox when away from their office are automatically granted the same accessibility in Public Folders. In the latest version of Microsoft Exchange, including Exchange Online as part of Office 365 (which currently runs a performance based on Microsoft Exchange 2016), Outlook Web Access [OWA] allows access to public folders through a web browser.

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