And Fan Mingyu was called by the old lady Fan alone to say something, what said is not known, but the next day Fan Mingyu is plain clothes silver hairpin went to the Buddha hall with Yu Lizhen mother and daughter together went to the old lady Fan's small Buddha hall to copy Buddhist scriptures to pray. It is autumn in a twinkling of an eye. A burst of rain came down, and the autumn wind made people feel cool. Fan Fu all turned out the autumn clothes to wear. The Buddhist temple is pure, so I wear more clothes. Yu Lizhen wore a white crescent moon skirt of the same color. She only used a white jade hairpin on her hair bun. She had no other ornaments. She bowed her head and copied it very piously. Fan Mingyu next to her wore a white skirt and combed a double spiral bun. Her hair bun was only wrapped with a light blue ribbon. She also had nothing else to copy the Buddhist scriptures quietly. In the Buddhist temple, the Buddhist incense is overflowing, only the mother and daughter occasionally turn over the Buddhist scriptures or change the sound of rice paper, quiet and quiet. Madam, madam. The sudden sound interrupted the tranquility of the Buddha Hall. Yu Lizhen just changed a piece of pure white rice paper, heard the voice for no reason to shake the hand, the ink drops on the tip of the pen, the ink slowly rendered in the white rice paper. Yu Lizhen frowned and looked up at Qiaoling who was walking in the yearning. Qiaoling ran into the Buddha Hall in a burning fire. "Madam, Madam is not good." Yu Lizhen frowned. "What's so burning in front of Buddha?" On weekdays, she brought one person to the Buddha Hall every time, but today she only brought Qiaoyun, while Qiaoling and Mother Wang stayed in the yard to help her deal with things. The anxiety on Qiaoling's face ignored the displeasure on Lizhen's face and said, "Madam, the eleven young masters are ill." With a snap, the pen in Lizhen's hand fell down and asked anxiously,Portable gold trommel, "How could he be sick? I saw him in the morning and he was fine."? Is it serious? Have you sent for a doctor? "The doctor has been sent for." Qiaoling replied, "The young master vomited soon after breakfast. The wet nurse cooked light porridge, and the young master ate it too. Because the wet nurse had nothing to do, the young master had a fever." "Mother, don't worry, my brother will be all right." Mingyu put down the pen in her hand and held Yu Lizhen, who was so anxious that she was sweating,sodium cyanide price, and said softly. Uh Yu Lizhen nodded, but the anxiety and fear in her eyes did not recede at all, and her heart immediately hung up to her throat, with no bottom at all. Qiaoling is also a face of anxiety, this Fan Qi young master is more than one year old, usually the lady but carefully can not relax, this care of the girl woman is also carefully selected by the lady, are playing twelve points to take care of, so this time back to Beijing for so long has not had any mistakes. Now that she heard that she had a fever, Qiaoling was very anxious. When she heard the news, she rushed to the Buddha Hall to tell Lizhen, because Fan Qi had a fever when he was just three months old in Nanzhou, and almost died. Yu Lizhen grabbed her sleeve, gold CIP machine ,tin beneficiation plant, pinched it tightly, and trembled faintly. Yu Lizhen held Mingyu's hand and hurried back to the sunset courtyard. Fan Qi was young and weak, and Yu Lizhen arranged him in the east wing of the sunset courtyard, which was warm in winter and cool in summer. Several people hurried all the way into the yard, Yu Lizhen heard Fan Qi from the east wing of the general hum like a cat, footsteps, it seems that there are thousands of lines from all directions to pull her heart, more and more tight, seems to feel difficult to breathe up. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Minghui: 00 (waving the veil) bet ~ bet ~, is Fan Qi swollen and sick? ^-^ Chapter 21 utilization In the room, Fan Qi whined and cried a few times, then stopped again and again like a cat's meow. Yu Lizhen stroked her heart, which was tight and trembling. She loosened Mingyu's hand and walked quickly into the room. Second Lady. The wet nurse was really holding Fan Qi around, and as soon as she saw Yu Lizhen enter the room, she was busy holding the child and saluting. What's wrong Yu Lizhen held Fan Qi in her arms and looked down. Her heart was cold. Fan Qi closed her eyes and her face was pale, but her lips were as red as fat. Yu Lizhen reached out her hand to touch his forehead, and then touched it with her forehead. It was so hot that she took the hand out of his sleeve and touched it, but it was as cold as the ice in the cold winter. It's only October. Fan Qi's eyes were tightly closed, his eyebrows were tightly frowned, but his small mouth was slightly open, and the hum overflowed from his mouth from time to time, and a stream of hot air came out of his mouth in one breath, and Yu Lizhen felt that the breath was like fire. Come to think of it is very uncomfortable, such a small person. Yu Lizhen raised her eyes like a knife to the wet nurse and the maid who served her in the house. "How did you take care of the young master?"? Isn't it good for me to go out? Why did you suddenly have a fever? The maid and the woman trembled and knelt on the ground. "Please punish the second lady. The maidservant didn't take good care of the young master." They take care of the young master, the monthly rule is twice as much as other equal maids, one is from the public, one is from Lizhen's own pocket, but at the same time they take more responsibility, Fan Qi young master has a sign of trouble, the first to be punished is them, whether it is due diligence or negligence can not escape the blame. Who is taking care of the eleven young masters today? And who discovered that Master Eleven was ill? Mingyu stood beside Yu Lizhen, looking at the angry and anxious Yu Lizhen helping her sit down first, turned to look at the people kneeling in the room and asked. A roomful of heads sank lower. They are naturally careful to look after the little master, one by one to play the spirit of twelve points, afraid that the little master has what discomfort, how dare they so boldly neglect Fan Qi. But this spring and autumn is easy to get sick, even if they do their best to take care of, but Fan Qi young master's body is weak. Uh? One by one don't speak? Fan Mingyu's eyes swept to the ground. It was the maidservant and the little Cui who took care of the young master today. Mother Guo, the wet nurse, trembled, raised her head slightly, and replied in a trembling voice. It was I who found the young master ill. Mingyu took a look at Guo's mother, who was dressed cleanly,portable gold wash plant, and thought, "Think about it, what's wrong with today?" 。

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