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A reclining sectional sofa offers the comfort and versatility of an armchair or loveseat and the additional seating of a chaise. This is a great option for large spaces, particularly if your friends and family are fond of movie nights or game days.

We spoke with interior designer Betsy Helmuth and Heather Goerzen, director of content & design at Havenly to get the inside scoop on this type of couch. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of this style of seating.


A reclining sectional is a great choice for those who want seating to accommodate guests. However, it is important to remember that the number of people a sectional can accommodate will be limited by walking distance around the furniture. In the majority of instances, if a reclining sectional prevents people from moving freely in a space it is not recommended to purchase one.

Visit a showroom where these couches are available in person to ensure you're buying a sectional that is suitable for your home. You can then physically tape off the dimensions of the sectional and check how they fit in your floor plan. You can also sit on the sectional to feel the sensation.

There are many different types to pick from in the field of reclining sectional couches. It is important to research the options prior to making a decision. Before you make a choice it is a good idea to review the sectional brand you are contemplating. The reviews will help you gain an understanding of the sofa's functionality, comfort and durability.

Reclining sectionals come in different styles, colors and fabrics. To choose the right one for your home, it is important to take into consideration the color scheme and style of your living area. It is also important to think about how the fabric of the sectional will hold up against spills and stains.

Many reclining sofas include extra features that make them more comfortable and practical. Some come with built-in footrests, which allow you to relax in a fashionable way. Other reclining sectionals come with high-powered headrests, lumbar supports and other features that relieve neck and back stress. Certain reclining sectionals also come with handy storage compartments hidden behind them that are ideal to keep magazines, remotes and other items away from view.


Reclining sectional sofas allow you to relax into the ultimate comfort. The adjustable headrests support the neck and upper body to reduce stress and pressure on your spine, while the reclining mechanism raises your legs a bit to increase blood flow and help you relax after an extended day. These chairs are also designed to accommodate various sizes. They are ideal for large families or groups.

For extra convenience, reclining sectional couches often come with built-in features like USB ports cups holders, USB ports and storage compartments. This allows you to keep your devices fully charged and at your fingertips while you watch TV or chatting with friends. Some models also feature motorized reclining mechanisms, which means you can adjust the seats to your preferred position at the touch of a button.

While sectional sofas nearby sport a minimalist and elegant design, others are designed with more traditional elements that suit different styles of interiors. Pottery Barn's Vega sectional recliner, for instance, features an elegant design with features like tracks and buttons that are tufted. It has an unisex color scheme that can be coordinated with any existing furniture. Other reclining sectional options feature more contemporary styling like the Parker sofa from Studio Moderne. The model has a chaise, console and two recliners in an L-shape arrangement. Its sleek and sleek lines make it a great suitable for a variety of living space styles.

There are a variety of reclining sofas to fit your space and personal preferences, including those with adjustable headrests, power recline and an built-in chaise. Some even come with an extra bed that can be pulled out to accommodate overnight guests in smaller homes and apartments.

A sectional with a reclining feature that is made of quality materials will last for many years and offer you relaxation and comfort in your home. To ensure that you're getting the most value for your money, be sure to test out the sofas in person prior making a decision. You might also want to talk to family members who will use the sofa about their level of comfort.


A sectional sofa that reclines is an ideal choice for large spaces, as it can hold a lot of people. This kind of sofa reclines at the touch of a button for the most comfortable experience when watching films or relaxing with your family. The model you select may have adjustable headrests or lumbar support to provide customized support. It is equipped with a variety of useful features, including USB ports and wireless remotes.

Most recliner sofas are constructed of modular components that can be removed and rearranged to fit your space. You can also include a variety of other pieces, including chaise lounges, stationary chairs and drop-down table seats. Some models come with storage areas for blankets, pillows and other extras. This sectional is available in three different fabrics and leather choices. You can pick the one that best suits your home decor.

A reclining sectional may be placed in front of an TV to create an entertainment zone in your living space. The sectional that reclines has a chaise lounge which reclines to let you unwind and enjoy your favorite TV shows or films with your family. You can also add a table for coffee or an end table to the space.

Consider adding an ottoman or reclining chair to your reclining sectional to provide an alternative seating option to entertain guests. These additional seating pieces permit more people to be able to enjoy your company and can be rearranged to fit the flow of conversations or to create a perfect spot for reading.

When shopping for a sectional with a reclining feature, make sure you determine the space you will need to make sure the furniture will fit. If you are able you can test the seating prior to you purchase. Helmuth warns that purchasing a sofa online without test it out in your home is lengthy and time-consuming.


While some sofas are available in neutral shades and contemporary silhouettes, others take on more traditional styles. There are also reclining sofas with adjustable headrests with power mechanisms, as well as built-in motors that give you an extravagant feel. Some models are even topped with accent pillows and bolster pillows to provide extra comfort and fashion.

You can find a wide variety of finishes, from tweed to leather, in sectional sofas that recline. Some are covered with Crypton fabric, which is known for its resistance to wear and tear. Other popular options include chenille and corduroy.

When shopping for a sectional sofa, it's crucial to think about the size of your living room. You don't want one that is too heavy or big, which could take up space in your other furniture and make the space appear crowded.

If you're looking for a sofa with a small space, consider a reclining sectional that has smaller armrests. These couches will look more elegant and sophisticated, particularly if paired with a metal or glass coffee table, and other pieces of minimalist décor. If you prefer, you can go with reclined sectionals that have arms that are rounded to create a relaxed and casual look.

The best recliner sofas are constructed from sturdy materials and top-quality craftsmanship to ensure you enjoy them many years. Those that are upholstered in genuine leather will give you a timeless look and a luxurious feel. They are also a great option for those who love the classics and wish to add a touch of elegance to their home.

Other features that you may be looking at when looking for a reclining sectional include adjustable headrests, storage compartments for your items, and cup holders built-in. These features can make you more comfortable and keep track of your drinks, remotes, and other essentials for lounging.

Take your time to shop around and look at prices before making the final decision. You could visit a showroom in order to test various couches and narrow your search. With these suggestions, you're sure to find a sectional with reclining that is suitable for your family and your lifestyle.

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