Chen Shuishui had no choice but to tell the truth: "Because I once met a dying old man. He said he had seen Han Qijue practicing Sanqing Shengong. He was seriously injured because he peeked at Han Qijue practicing." Xiao Gao asked with concern: "How long ago?"? Did he say anything else? Chen Shuishui said, "Less than half a year ago, it was a pity that he died without saying much. He hoped that I would spread the news and tell Wulin that Han Qijue would come back soon." "Did you tell?" "No," said Chen Shuishui. "I didn't know what kind of person Han Qijue was, and I didn't know anything about Jianghu. The important thing is, from the old man's tone, Han Qijue didn't seem to be a decent person. I don't think I have to provoke him, but I didn't expect that my sister provoked the Ghost King Gang, which led to today's situation. "Does the Ghost King Gang have anything to do with Han Qijue?" Asked Xiao Gao. "Keep your voice down," said Chen Shuishui in a low voice. "If you are heard, it will be over." She even said in a low voice: "According to my information, the mastermind behind the Ghost King Gang is Han Qijue, and the Ghost King Code is also given by Han Qijue." "Is that so?" "Believe it or not," said Chen Shuishui! I just want to tell you that if you find Miao Fei in the Ghost King Gang, you may be able to find Han Qijue, and you can also find the original Sanqing Bao. And if we learn Sanqing Bao, we will become invincible in the world. Xiao Gao was a little moved, but he still had doubts. He said, "If Han Qijue really has Sanqing Bao, he has collected it for so many years and has practiced all kinds of martial arts. How can we beat him?" Chen Shuishui said,smart board interactive whiteboard, "Practicing all depends on talent. What do you care how well he learns?"? As soon as I get the secret, I'll. She was so excited that she thought she was invincible. "As far as I know," said Xiao Gao, "there is another rumor about Sanqing Bao. If you don't practice well, you may go crazy." Chen Shuishui gave him a white look and said, "Who told you not to practice well? Just practice well."? Will you go? No, I won't wait for you. As he spoke,75 inch smart board, he stood up as if he were going somewhere. "Where are you going?" Asked Xiao Gao. "Looking for the Ghost King Miao Fei," said Chen Shuishui! If you find him, you can find Han Qijue, and then you can get Sanqing Bao. "Aren't you afraid of being trapped in the Ghost King Gang like your sister?" "I'm not that stupid. I'll watch and wait until I get a chance. Goodbye." Chen Shuishui raised his eyebrows, waved his hand, and walked away proudly. Wait Not knowing whether it was concern or another reason, Xiao Gao stopped her again. You want to go, too? Chen Shuishui's face showed joy. Xiao Gao thought that he should also find out whether there is a copy of the difference, and whether the practice will really go crazy; and then explore the whereabouts of Han Qijue, perhaps can solve the mystery of the dart. Xiao Gao nodded and said, "Do you know where Miao Fei is?" "I don't know," said Chen Shuishui. "But there are a lot of his men in Jianghu. If you follow them, you'll find a way sooner or later." Xiao Gao smiled faintly and said, "You are so bold." "Humph!"! Timid, digital touch screen board ,interactive touch screens education, I don't have to mix. Chen Shuishui raised his eyebrows, shook his head, and walked very smartly. Little Gao Zhan said to himself, "a man's wife." And I followed him. ※ ※ ※ I walked for three days and found nothing. Werewolves, and even people who may have been involved with the Ghost King gang, seem to have suddenly disappeared. All the people suddenly became normal. Finally, walking at the foot of Wuliangshan, suddenly a plain grey figure flashed into the forest area. Usually this kind of Wulin character who walks like flying is not uncommon, just because Xiao Gao saw a yellow brocade bag hanging on the right shoulder of the man. Brocade bag? Will it be Fang Zhenyuan? The figure is about the same, and the brocade bag is Fang Zhenyuan's unique thing, which is used to hold thirteen iron arrows. The more you think about it, the more likely it is that Xiao Gao has decided to follow. "If you can't find Miao Fei," said Xiao Gao, "you can at least ask General Manager Fang if he's hiding something and faked the formula." "Is he the Chief Escort of the Jiujiang Escort Agency?" Asked Chen Shuishui. "Maybe, go!"! Go and have a look. Xiao Gao pulled her and quickly tracked her down. The man's flying skill was not weak, and he seemed to be particularly careful about his whereabouts. He hid and hid ferns and fled to the forest area. Every time he swept three or five hundred feet, he would always look back to see if anyone was following him. Xiao Gao always keeps a distance of hundreds of feet without being discovered, but unfortunately it is impossible to determine whether the other party is really Fang Zhenyuan. The mountain road became more and more difficult to walk, and later it was a precipice full of dangers. Xiao Gao is all right, Chen Shuishui has been frightened to close his eyes, all by Xiao Gao's drag, the appearance of a man's wife has long turned into the appearance of a sheep. Passing a high cliff again, Fang Zhenyuan's whereabouts suddenly disappeared, and in front of him was a piece of forest, which made people feel creepy and shudder. Strange, did he drill into the ground? According to Xiao Gao's experience, Fang Zhen must have entered a cave, and it was not easy to find his hiding place at this time. Just as he was thinking about how to find someone, Chen Shuishui shouted, "Skeleton?"? We entered the Palace of Hell? She pointed to the mountain in front of her. Deep in the clouds, she could see the skeleton city like a castle. It was at the bottom of the peak, and it looked terrible. Xiao Gao had a question in his mind and said, "Could it be the General Altar of the Ghost King Gang?" Thinking of this, he immediately pulled Chen Shuishui to hide in the rock formation, so as not to expose the line of hiding. Chen Shuishui was stunned and said, "How could this happen?"? Aren't you following Fang Zhenyuan? How did you come to the General Altar of the Ghost King Gang? "Isn't that what you mean?" Xiao Gaoda has the intention of making fun of Chen Shuishui. Embarrassed, Chen Shuishui said, "I just want to find the treasure. How do I know I'll run into the gate of death?" "You're afraid anyway." "Who said that?" Chen Shuishui refused to admit defeat, took a few breaths of True Qi, straightened his chest, and turned over a new leaf: "I'm not afraid." "So effective?" Xiao Gao pointed to the shuttling guards at the gate of Skeleton City and said, "See, they are all werewolves. Aren't you afraid?" Chen Shuishui looked at it carefully and felt a little nervous, but he still gritted his teeth and said, "I'm not afraid. If they dare to mess up,65 inch touch screen, I'll fight with them." She has a death-defying look. Xiao Gao smiled and said, "It's best to have this determination, but the lady-killer is totally irrational." 。

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