The Unspoken Secrets Of Tandem Double Buggy Buying a Tandem Double Buggy

A tandem double buggy can be a fantastic option when you have twins or children who are very close in age. They're a bit smaller than side-byside buggies, and ideal for maneuvering tight spaces, such as doors, on public transport and on rough terrain.

Some can be converted into travel systems that take two carrycots or car seats for children. However, they can be heavier and longer than single pushchairs, and may not be as stable when in bumping up kerbs.


There are a variety of options for adding a second seat or making a single stroller a double. The Vista V2 from UPPAbaby is big, beautiful stroller that converts easily from a single model to double by incorporating the rumble seat (available separately). However, it's pricey and less mobile than other double strollers due to the fact that the second seat is placed in front of the front seat. Nuna Demi Grow offers a similar option but lacks storage under the seat when it is used as a double stroller.

Other alternatives include all-terrain twin buggies as well as fixed-wheel joggers that can accommodate two children. These are more expensive, but they are made for long trips on rough terrain and have higher resale prices.

Reclining the seat independently

If you're looking for a double stroller which can accommodate children of various age groups, you'll require one with independent seat recliner for both seats. This will allow your older child to sit back and relax while the baby is in the bassinet, and the reverse.

Think about the width of your pushchair to determine the ease of you to navigate through doors and public transportation. If you have extremely narrow doors, it could be worth considering a side-by-side pushchair like the Mountain Buggy Duet which has the advantage of having a footprint comparable to a single buggy, however it can take 2 seats and car seat adaptors.

Tandem buggies generally are a little longer than side-by-side models, and aren't as easy to manoeuvre around kerbs however they can be able to accommodate a wider variety of seat/carrycot/car seat combinations making them a good option for twins or siblings of different ages. They are also more expensive than single to double buggies, but they're worth it if you intend on keeping it for many years. They'll also keep an impressive amount of value if you decide to sell it when your children are old enough to use it.

This feature allows you to place your child in a comfortable position for naps or to observe. This is essential if your child is in the back seat and wishes to rest while the older child prefers to sit and observe the surroundings.

Some brands have a unique design that allows the back seat of their vehicles to recline fully to a position that is almost flat, ideal for newborns. For instance the iCandy Orange has raised stadium-style seating and can recline both the toddler seat included and the add-on RumbleSeat into multiple positions to give your kids a a choice of where to sit as well as providing an excellent UPF 50+ canopy with peekaboo windows.

Larger than twin buggies

They are perfect for siblings with different ages, and you can get around without worrying about your children touching. They are usually a little more spacious with one seat in front of the other. The seats can be reclined fully for infants, or put in an upright position for toddlers.

A popular option is the Mountain Buggy Duet, which features the slimmest side-by-side design available and features an identical footprint to one buggy. It also comes with an adjustable handle, making it easier for parents of different heights to push, and a handbrake that can be useful when you have to climb difficult hills. It is suitable from birth and is compatible with a variety of car seats and carrycots. This means it is a great travel system.

Another alternative is the iCandy Wave, which has an easy one-click fold and is able to be used in mono or duo mode. Its clever frame expands in width to accommodate an additional chair and can be used with up to two car seats or carrycots. This makes it a great option for older siblings who wish to be seated together. It's a bit bigger than the other models, but it still feels light and has a comfortable suspension for kerbs.

There are many 3-wheeler tandems that have inline wheels that offer stability and swift steering. Take a look at Phil and Teds inline models or iCandy Peach and Pear buggies. These can often be folded into one buggy in case you have a small space at home or need to transport it from your car to the bus.

Be aware that a two-wheeled buggy is heavier and heavier than one that is compact. Be sure to know what you want before you purchase. It is likely to be used on trains, buses and subways often, so it must be easy to manage and use. You may also have to juggle it onto and off the car seat when taking your children to school or nursery so you'll need to ensure it's easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

From birth

You'll need a stroller for the whole family, regardless of whether you're expecting twins or if you have a child after you've had your first. Double buggies are typically larger, heavier and more expensive than single strollers, but they can also be easier to maneuver through narrower doors or around obstacles like curbs. They are also compatible with piggyback ride-along boards (either from the manufacturer or as a separate accessory purchase) so you can transport three children at a time.

Tandem pushchairs seat one child in front of the other, and they're generally a better option for families with two children who are close enough in age to get along well together. But they're not foolproof: Siblings in side-by-side seats may punch or kick each other, and kids on different heights can squabble over who gets to sit higher. double pushchair -low model is able to solve this issue by elevating the seat to the rear, which will prevent your child's height from sitting on the bottom and not getting any view.

The iCandy Wave is a good choice for parents looking for an adjustable double buggy that can be converted into a carrycot that can accommodate both infants and an older child. It features a clever frame that expands widthways when you add the second seat, and folds to flattish storage. The padded seats are comfortable, the straps are easy to fasten, and the buckles some of the most impressive we've seen in any of our tests. The canopies have a generous size and UPF 50+ protection, and a windows that peek out. Both seats can be reclined independently.

The only downside to the iCandy tandem is that it is quite expensive. But a high-quality tandem will last you for many years and have an attractive resale value so at the end of the day you'll probably recoup some of the cost. It doesn't come with the same variety of seating configurations as the other top picks, but the iCandy is a good choice for families that don't want to spend a lot.

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