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I am currently making a clicker like minigame in a minecraft single player world. I am trying to get this command to work:

/blockdata -1 58 14 {Command:"/summon pig ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"Pig ($5)",CustomNameVisible:1,NoAI:1,Glowing:1b}"}

It gives me an error when I do it. I found out that if I change it to this:

/blockdata -1 58 14 {Command:"/summon pig ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:Pig ($5),CustomNameVisible:1,NoAI:1,Glowing:1b}"}

It works but the command it changes won't work because the CustomName is not in "". Please help me if you have an answer.


The first command was correct, however if your having problems with the first command you should tell me what the error is and then if it continues to not work than escape quotes.

The command with escaped quotes would be:

/blockdata -1 58 14 {Command:"/blockdata -1 58 14 {Command:\"/summon pig ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"Pig ($5)",CustomNameVisible:1,NoAI:1,Glowing:1b}\"}"}

If that doesn't work than explain to me why the first command of your's didn't work.

Hope I've helped. grinning


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