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Ill try my best grammer beacuse Grammarly got protected and i can't use it.

Just asking? Whats your device?


um, i have a laptop and a hudl2, along with an iphone 4 i cannot do much on since it is outdated


Here are mine:

Devices that do NOT work:

  1. IBM ThinkPad R60 (i think) - 60GB Hard Drive, Came with WinXP x86, Running Win7 x86, 4GB RAM (in BIOS), Intel Centrino @ 1.66GHz. Cause of no longer working: BSOD happened while playing Minecraft, managed to crash my hard drive. Trying to install Longhorn 5048 (with TweakNT) by replacing HDD, if not work, then i will put it in the attic.
  2. Sony Vaio - I don't know much, but I heard it came with an Intel Atom running Windows 7 Starter. Cause of no longer working: Display went wrong.

Devices that work:

  1. Dell Inspiron 535s - 320GB Hard Drive, Came with Ubuntu x64, Running Win10 x64, 2GB RAM, Intel Pentium-Dual Core E5300 @ 2.6GHz. Details: Can run some cool VMs (virtual machines) with up to 640MB RAM. My device which I use in Disqus and MCCS.
  2. Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential - 4GB Internal Memory, 32GB Micro SD Card, 1GB RAM. Details: My main tablet, which I sometimes use in wikis.
  3. Media Centre PC (custom rig, upcoming) - 500GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 with Media Centre x64-bit, 8GB RAM, Core i7 @ 3.33GHz. Display: will be plugged into my father's 4K monitor.