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What Is Parapet Wall?

Parapet Wall: Parapet Wall is an extension of the wall located at the edges of the roof. It provides a barrier. It can be used to create more than just a roof, including terraces, balconies as well as walkways and other constructions.

In simpler terms In simple terms, it is the Parapet Masonry Wall can be built in the event that the walls of a building's exterior extend upwards more than the roof's level around the edges, typically by just a few feet.

Parapets form a part of a roof, which removes the threat of flat floors as they also provide a wide range of opportunities to make use of roof space in a safe and efficiently.

The walls can be built using a variety of different materials such as reinforced cement concrete, steel glass and aluminum, for example.

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What Does Parapet Mean (Parapet Definition)?

The parapet wall is built at the end of balconies or the roof to guard against the fall of people from the heights. It is the method of expanding the brick wall to the bottom of Parapet walls. These walls are the most outer walls, which are built along the ends of the roofs of structures.

Parapet walls are made of Reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) brick masonry, and steel.

The Need for Parapet Wall Design In Brick Work

We all know that each home must have a terrace, which can be used for a variety of purposes like walking, sitting and various others leisure-related activities. There is the chance of falling humans from a height if there isn't an enclosure wall.

Thus, the parapet wall of roofs is crucial to the structure in order to safeguard and protect the people who live there.

It is also essential to safeguard the interior area of the terraces in the building. The parapet walls guarantee the safety of those by securing the roof.

The walls of the parapet also contribute to enhance the appearance of the structure from outside.

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Height of Parapet Wall

The height of the parapet wall is an important aspect to be considered when building the wall.

The minimum height for the parapet wall is 3 feet.

The parapet wall should never be built lower than 3 feet tall. At this level, the wall provides protection and guarantees safety.

Minimum thickness for the wall is 9 inches.

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